Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 01/04/06

From The President
Happy New Year,
As we welcome a new year, we also want to welcome old and new members alike back to Bemidji Town & Country Club for another season of great golf and fond friendships. Look for your dues schedule on the BTCC member's website and arriving via postal service.

Your board has been working diligently on employee contracts, membership dues, daily rates and necessary capital expenditures to improve our quality of service on and off the course while continuing to work toward one of our goals: "improve control on operation costs". In addition, a few highlights from our December 22 meeting are:

1. Due to the poor running condition of the beverage cart, we will be making it available to golfers in a "parked location" rather than past practice of roaming the golf course.

2. Up to $100,000 has been approved for the Long Range Planning Committee to complete the practice facility, with requests for monthly up-dates on the project's progress.

3. Dues: Earn 3% discount by paying with cash or check by February 15. No discount for credit card payment due to the costs incurred for payment to credit card company.

4. Dues: Continued member benefits carried forward from last year. See letter attached to dues schedule for reminders of such benefits.

5. Dues: No increase in season range & power carts; $5 increase in locker rental and club storage; Only 3% increase in single or family dues rates; $25 increase in food assessment for all memberships.

6. Daily rates: Weekend stayed the same at $48; Week day at $45 (up from $43).

All the above decisions contribute toward one of our six goals adopted by your Board of Directors as specified in December's Newsletter. Complete minutes are always available for your review in the Proshop, upon request.

For all you snow-birds, hope you are enjoying your sunshine as for those of us who remain snow-bunnies haven't seen the sun in weeks. However, above normal temperatures have helped endure the lack of vitamin D.

Warm regards,
Margo Curb-Aitken, President

From The Greens Committee
Hello and Happy New Year from the Greens Committee. Golf is just around the corner and with the mild weather it can't come around soon enough. My name is Scott Tuomala and I am the new Greens Committee chairman taking over the position from Gene Bakke who has moved over to finance. I want to continue the great job of past greens chairmen who have strived to make Bemidji Town and Country one of the area's premiere golf courses.

Our committee will work together with Paul and Tom to make sure that we keep up this high standard. We have a list of improvements for the coming season, and as these projects take place I will be posting them in the newsletter.

For those that are lucky enough to get away and play this winter take a look at other courses. Take notes what you like and dislike, and forward those ideas to Paul or Myself. I think that you will find that we have a top notch golf course, but we are always looking for ways to improve the facility and golfing experience.
Scott Tuomala-Greens Chairman

2006 Dues Schedule and Info on Website
The 2006 Dues Schedule is available for download on our members website at in PDF format. On our site you may also calculate the amount due.
Paul Grovum
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-Paul Grovum