Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 1/20/08

I hope everyone had a great holiday!!! As the mercury dips below zero here in Minnesota I hope some people will be able to go south for a warm golfing vacation.

The dues schedule for 2008 has been sent out. I encourage all members to take advantage of the discount on their membership by paying their dues in full by February 15th. You can pay online at or call Sharon at the clubhouse 751-4535.

The board has always tried to keep golf affordable and this year we increased dues by a small percentage. In some cases we have maintained last year prices or even dropped some.

The Country Club has a long history of strong membership and we want to keep the members we have, but we are always looking to add new members. So as members, tell others that are not members to join us at the club for a great year of golf.

In the winter months if anyone is thinking of having a get together or a party, don't forget that the clubhouse can accommodate your needs. Brent or Pam will be happy to assist you in your plans.

Scott Tuomala