Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 02/28/05

Join us for our Easter Brunch March 27th
Serving 9:00 am - 1:00 pm.
Full menu and pricing will be available on our website soon.

The clubhouse will be opening on Monday April 11th this year. James Mokros will be returning as our head chef and has many new items he will be featuring for 05.

Peg Reese will join me in another year as my assistant. We have redecorated our Course Side Lounge and look forward to utilizing this room for a place for our golfers to gather to socialize and relax.

2005 looks to be a very busy year with many upcoming events. Please visit our new calendar to see what is happening at your club.

I hope the winter has treated you well and I look forward to seeing all of you in the clubhouse.

Greetings golfers. As we get ready for another summer of golf, this seemed a good time to provide you with an update. The board has been meeting monthly and a ton of business has been conducted. The budget is set for 2005 and we are hopeful that the weather gods will smile on us this season. We have been conservative with projections. We expect to be more agressive in marketing the Bemidji Town and Country Club to the community. We hope to increase our membership base and retain all of our present members. Our financial health is good and we plan to keep it that way. Many clubs in the area suffered greatly last year. We, on the other hand, held our own. Our success is due to our loyal members who spend the time and money to support the club. I also believe that it is due to the great management team we have at BTCC. Paul, Gretchen and Tom do a wonderful job in taking care of our golf facility. We most certainly have one of the finest golf courses in northern Minnesota and our clubhouse is equally grand both inside and out.

The board is presently considering which, if any, projects will be begun this year. The list is quite long but we wish to keep a close eye on revenues and debt. The Practice Facility project is on the list as well as cart path resurfacing and extension. We will be keeping an eye on our pump and irrigation system. With the addition of the Osmac computer control system, we hope to reduce the demand and stress on the present water delivery system.

All in all, we will do everything in our power to keep BTCC going strong. If you have suggestions or comments regarding the club, please feel free to contact me via email, phone or in person.

In closing, remember to keep your eye on the ball and follow through.

Steve Hagenah- President
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