Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 3/20/08

Hello Everyone!! Spring is just around the corner and the golf course will be opening soon. I don't think that I am the only one that has the itch to get on the course. Once again Tom and Rick will make the decision when the course will be open for play. The range will be the first to open so take advantage of some extra swings before we all hit the course. Call the pro shop for opening dates and times.

One of the left over projects from last year is the new well project. Just to refresh everyone's memory, the pond on 18 has been expanded to serve as the holding pond. What is left to do this spring is to build the pump house and install the pump, dig the new water line from the pump house to the existing water lines, and landscape around the pond. All this work should be completed this spring. This will be a significant upgrade that will exceed all the current watering needs and provide for any future improvements.

There are going to be a few new things this year we are going to try. One is the member of the month. One lucky member a month will be chosen randomly from the member list and this member will enjoy preferred parking in their own designated parking spot. Another idea is to have designated card nights. One night a month all members and guests will be invited to a great evening at the clubhouse to test their card playing skills. And last, suggestion boxes are going to be put in both locker rooms as a way for the members to communicate to Rick, Tom, Brent, or the Board. If you have any comments, complaints, concerns, or a new idea feel free to write them down.

Look for details for all up coming events in future newsletters or posted in the locker rooms. Hope to see everyone soon for another great year of golf!!
-Scott Tuomala