Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 3/23/12

BTCC Spring Newsletter
Greetings and welcome back to the 2012 golfing season! I'm sure we all are excited about the early spring weather allowing us to open the golf course at the earliest date to record.

My goal of this newsletter is to update you all on the current condition of the golf course.

Last fall was extremely dry, so our number one concern throughout the winter was how the turf would react to low soil profile moisture. We were fortunate to receive enough snow fall in the winter months to provide insulation to the turfgrass. This reduced concerns for desiccation. Snow mold pressure was very low due to the lack of moisture last fall. However, cool wet weather can create disease problems and we will monitor and treat if and when these conditions present themselves. Overall, we came through the winter very well and consistent warm growing conditions will provide optimal playing surfaces.

As members, guests and employees at BTCC we are all responsible for taking care of the course. It is important to practice proper golf course etiquette; especially ball mark repair. One critical component that we as golfers can perform is repairing ball marks. The cultural practices that we perform as turf managers are geared to provide smooth surfaces, but a vital component to obtain these conditions is daily repair in ball marks. As staff, we repair all ball marks during our morning set up routine. As play persists throughout the day, ball marks develop and contribute to bumpy conditions. As an incentive for your help with ball mark repair, the club will be providing free ball mark tools in the pro shop for golfer use. We appreciate your help and understanding.

Again, welcome back to the 2012 season. I will continue to update you on course conditions and keep you informed on future projects that the committees approve.

Tom Johanns
Golf Course Superintendent