Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 03/30/06

Dear Members,
As I'm sure you have heard before, the only thing consistent in life is change. Well, Bemidji Town & Country Club will be facing a major change at the close of 2006.

The Board of Directors has received a letter from Paul Grovum stating his intentions of non-renewing his contract after it expires at the end of this year. Paul has given Bemidji Town & Country Club 28 years of great service and dedication. As a board, we are well aware of the knowledge that will be walking out the door as he prepares to pursue other opportunities and enjoy some time off during the summer months.

All Committee Chairs and members are up-dating and/or creating guidelines and policies to have in place for the course, club house and pro shop for future use when Paul will not be available with his years of vast experience to educate those remaining in making the best decisions possible for Bemidji Town & Country Club.

We realize the importance of deciding how to fill Paul's position and therefore, an Interview Committee is being put in place to research, plan, and interview for the future management of Bemidji Town & Country Club to ensure a smooth transition. We will keep you posted as to what is decided as it is determined.

Let's make this a memorable year for Paul Grovum, as he closes out his career with Bemidji Town & Country Club.

Another change we need to announce is that Doug Garrigan has resigned his position as a Director on the Board and has been replaced by Paul Friesen, who was next on the list when votes were counted at our last annual meeting. Much thanks to Doug for his contributions, and a thanks to Paul for accepting the responsibility. A farewell to Doug and a welcome to Paul.

Your Board of Directors are planning to meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 5:00 p.m. if you ever have the desire to attend or need an item on the agenda.

Safe travels to all returning home,
Margo Curb-Aitken, President

Spring is here along with the golf itch. The snow can't melt fast enough for a couple of reasons. One is, the faster the snow melts the quicker we will be out on the golf course. And second, We will be able to see how the greens came through the winter. Tom is a little more optimistic after he chipped through the ice and cut out samples from some of our past problem greens. He found that there is still green grass under all that ice and he is hopeful there will be only small amounts of damage instead of large amounts we initially feared.

Also, I want to keep everyone informed and up to date on current and future projects. The cart path repair that we will be doing this year will be coordinated with the practice facility. At this time, that will take place after the Birchmont.

We have started a tree program and currently are taking bids on who will trim and maintain the existing trees on the course. It's important to start this program to insure that we keep what trees we have healthy. This will take place this Spring or in the Fall.

Last, If you have any improvement ideas for the Greens Committee please forward them I would like to hear from all of you, Men and Women.
-Scott Tuomala

I know this season isn't far away; I had my first call yesterday asking when the course is going to open. I am in the shop cleaning and getting ready for another season. Merchandise is arriving daily and hopefully the range will open soon.

The proshop committee, Rick and myself are putting together a new junior program for this summer. Let us know if you have ideas or would like to volunteer. We will send out more information later.

I am also excited to announce that a friend of mine from Minneapolis, David LaPour will be conducting two, full-day short game schools on June 9th and June 10th. David was a lead instructor for Dave Pelz, considered to be the nation's top short game instructor. I will send more detail in another newsletter. You can check out David's website at:

We are all anxious to get the year started and look forward to seeing everyone soon!

We are having an Easter Brunch on April 16th. Please call the clubhouse to make your reservations. Also, the clubhouse will open for the year on Monday, April 17th.
-Paul Grovum

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