Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 04/22/07

To the Bemidji Town and Country Club Members

Greeting to you all, I along with my staff would like to officially welcome you back for the start of the golfing season. By this time a number of you have played a round of golf and might have some questions about the course that I can answer with an update on the current conditions.

In general, BTCC came though the winter well, similar to last years winter. Superintendents from the Brainerd area north had to deal with unusual late season rain events that created ice on their golf courses. Generally, prolonged periods of ice cover over the type of turf we have usually contribute to significant turf loss. We were fortunate with the weather extremes we experienced this winter. We walked a very fine line between success and severe damage. Factors that contributed to our possible success included;

1) An extended fall that aided in growth and recovery of stressed turf from the weather extremes of the 2006 season.

2) The management practices that we employ such as aerification, proper fertilizer and timing of applications for efficient uptake and use by the plants to insure plant health for winter survival.

3) The late fall weather which allowed the turf to go dormant and hardened off. This was a key component that we didn't have in the fall of 2005.

At this time we will initiate the process for recovery to areas that will not recover on their own. The whole scale brown dormant look to the course will improve with moisture, warmer days and warmer nights. In general, if mother nature can help us out a little this spring I believe BTCC will be in top shape very soon.

I hope this update has answered some of your questions. As always should you have any questions about what we are doing on the course feel free to contact me.

Tom Johanns
Course Superintendent