Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 04/22/13

President's Letter
Greetings Fellow Members From the Great White North!

I hope that you have all had a good winter and are looking forward to another successful season at BTCC. As you may know, the course itself is not open due to a nasty case of snow. However, the Club House is open Friday and Saturday evenings and we would like to invite you to enjoy a nice warm dinner at the North Shore Grille.

The BTCC Board has been busy this winter and we are very excited to get projects going. Here is a quick update of activities since the last Annual Stockholders Meeting on October 9th.

  1. At the meeting there was a motion presented and the Board of Directors agreed to take the question to a vote. In January 2013, all stockholders were sent a ballot with the question:
    The stockholders of Bemidji Town & Country Club do hereby formally adopt the Long Range Master Plan, as found on the Bemidji Town & Country Club's website, and allow the board of directors to control the timing and decision making of future capital improvements provided that those improvements are consistent with the intent of the approved Master Plan.
    The results of the vote are as follows:

         126 Yes, I approve the motion

         22 No, I do not approve the motion

  2. The Board of Directors voted unanimously to move forward with recommendations from our Master Plan.

    Starting in mid May, we will begin a three year maintenance and renovation project to our bunkers. The plan will consist of re-positioning and re-contouring our existing bunkers, the addition and removal of other bunkers as well as replacing our bunker sand with a product of much higher quality.

    After receiving construction bids it was recommended we move forward as an In-House Project. The Bunker renovation project will be completed with our own BTCC labor force. Although this project will result in some disruption, at no time will holes be closed to play.

    We would like to thank the Master Plan Committee for their continued efforts in this project. This committee is comprised of Russ Moen, Paul Welle, Kevin Williamson, Scott Curb, Scott Tuomala, Don Dale, Rick Grand and Tom Johanns.

  3. The Board of Directors has approved the installation of a new fence adjoining the parking lot and Hole #18. This project is slated to start in May.
Finally, the Board of Directors would like to Thank all the Members for your input over the last year. Because of your suggestions and recommendations, the board feels that we are able to move forward and implement changes based on what the Members would like at BTCC.

See you at the Club!
Tiffany Paine