Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 04/29/11

From the Superintendent
To the BTCC Members:

Greetings to you all, I along with my staff would like to officially welcome you back for the start of the golfing season. By this time a number of you have played a round or two of golf and might have some questions that I can briefly update in this newsletter.

Course conditions:
The course came through the winter very well, no winterkill and limited areas of snow mold disease on the fairways. Although we are behind last year's unusual spring, these areas will recover as soil temps and growing conditions improve. We employ management practices to get our turf areas healthy going into the winter, but mother nature, with her sometimes fickle winter weather, most often control our spring conditions. We are always very fortunate with our short growing season to come through the winter well!!

The irrigation system has been fired up and partially tested with only minor maintenance problems. For an upcoming period of time we will be doing some watering during the day to visually inspect the system and also avoid watering on nights when the temps are below freezing.

Maintenance Activities:
The following is a list of upcoming maintenance activities:
1. Green Aerification May 23rd and 24th.
2. Tee Aerification in the month of May.
3. Stump grinding/sodding.
4. Bunker edging - ongoing.
5. Bunker maintenance/sand additions and adjustments.
6. Flower installation around Memorial Day.
7. Various beautification projects around the course.
8. Other projects to be determined throughout the season.

*To avoid inconvenience to golfers, I will do my best to make you aware of when we will undertake these practices, always working around the weather. We have to be flexible in our scheduling, which makes pin pointing dates difficult.

As always we strive to provide, daily a well conditioned and healthy golf course for our members to play.

Tom Johanns