Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 05/01/04

LADIES come join us for a round of golf--no need to make a tee time--no need to find someone to play with--just show up at 9:00 to draw for pairings. Game every Monday--$2.00. Because of conflicts there will be some Tuesdays. First meeting will be TUESDAY-May 10th. Dates are listed below and a copy is in the Ladies Locker Room.

The 1st group of the year prepares to tee off.
John Halcrow, George Aschauer, Ralph Sollom, Dave Kjos
 • Tuesday, May 10th---9:00
 • Monday, May 17th
 • Monday, May 24th
 • Monday, June 7th
 • Monday, June 14th
 • Tuesday, June 22nd
 • Monday, June 28th
 • Monday, July 5th
 • Tuesday, July 13th
 • Monday, July 19th
 • Monday, August 2nd
 • Monday, August 9th
 • Monday, August 16th
 • Tuesday, August 24th
 • Monday, August 30th

The golf season has started and with the exception of a few minor areas of ice damage, the course has come thru the winter well. An area of concern is the continuing effect of the late 2003 drought conditions. The Bemidji area was very dry going into the winter months, even though we received a significant amount of snow this winter, the moisture content was low which in effect did little to alleviate the low soil moisture levels. We have observed stress conditions on the turf and also on a number of trees throughout the course. Hopefully, things have a way of balancing themselves, we will receive some timely spring rains to help us out.

To add to our troubles, upon firing up the irrigation system this spring we have developed a severe vibration problem in the pump forcing us to replace the pump and pump motor. I am currently working with the well driller to replace these components as soon as possible to get our system going.

In the mean time we are doing our best to keep the greens and tees watered during this set back, but we might have to put up with some dry conditions until we get this problem resolved.
-Tom Johanns-Superintendent

The schedule for our Annual Junior Golf Clinics has been established for junior golfers age 5-15. The cost for each one hour, 4-day session is $35.00. Please call the proshop as the number of juniors is limited.
  AGES 8-15
   June 7-10
   -8:00 am, 9:00 am or 10:00 am start
   June 14-17
   -8:00 am start
  AGES 5-7 (First Swing)
   June 14-17
   -9:00 am or 10:00 am start

 -Handicap Cards: We are now printing handicap cards upon your request rather than having sent to us every two weeks. Just ask a proshop employee to print you a card.

 -Season Long Best-Ball: The sign-up for the Season Long Best-Ball is in the proshop. The field is limited so sign up ASAP.

 -Executive Membership: We now have a new "Executive Membership" available for anyone age 24-30. The price for this membership is $700.00 with no food assessment.

 -Mother's Day Brunch: Call or email to make your reservation for Mother's Day Brunch. 751-4535 or

 -Newsletters: A printed form of our online newsletter is also available in the proshop.

RULING OF THE DAY - Reprinted from the USGA
Q: If wrong information as to the number of strokes a player has taken is given to an opponent, not by the player himself, but by the player's partner or caddie, is the player liable to a penalty under Rule 9-2?

A: Yes

 • Tuesday Nite Events begin - Tuesday, May 4
 • Opening Stag - Thursday, May 6
 • Girls High School Invitational - Friday, May 7
 • Mother's Day Brunch - Sunday, May 9
 • Boy's High School Invitational - Monday, May 10
 • Members Wine and Cheese Party - Friday, May 21

-Paul Grovum

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