Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 5/15/12

May Newsletter


I would like to update everyone on current course conditions as well as information regarding maintenance practices and projects to come in the near future.

Course Conditions

We have all enjoyed the early golf season. I was anticipating an unusual and consistent warm spring, however April turned into a normal April. Turfgrass came through the winter very nicely, however the cool temps we encountered in mid to late April slowed things down a bit. As a result of the cool weather and extended amount of early play, the turfgrass was slow to recover from play and minor winter damage. This past week we have experienced the beginning of "the spring flush of growth" which will help alleviate the pressure from early play as well as some of the winter scars.

Upcoming Maintenance Activities

As of today, we have initiated tee box aerification and over seeding on the par 3 tees. This also will help fill in the damage from early season play. The initial bunker edging and sand adjustments have been completed and will continue throughout the rest of the season.

Now having the bulk of the seasonal staff returned, we will now begin more detailed work on a daily basis. More maintenance tasks will begin and will help improve the overall feel throughout the golf course. Herbicide applications around green and tee complexes have started and will be on-going, with the help of weather, until all is complete. We have scheduled a wall-to-wall herbicide application of the primary rough areas this coming weekend. This process, most likely will take place late in the afternoon or evening; weather permitting.

Discussion in recent greens committee meetings has put emphasis on improving the water features throughout the facility. We are still in the planning process for pond improvements and the actions we plan to take.


Tom Johanns
Golf Course Superintendent