Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 5/18/15

Turf Talk


I thought I would update you all on the current conditions of the golf course. By now you are all aware that the course sustained some winter damage. Reports are that golf courses in the Northern part of the state received winter damage this year. Conversations with other superintendents agree with my analysis of our course, that it was not just one issue that caused damage to the course. There are 3 or 4 issues that have caused turf loss or setbacks and the pattern shows that we along with others have all had symptoms of these issues.

In an attempt to get recovery, I have taken steps to seed into the areas that I feel need more work than time, moisture and heat to recover. We have done this process to the collars on 1,6,7,8 and greens 2 and 17. We have aerated to create a seed bed and seeded about 7 acres of fairways. I am sure a number of you are concerned about green #17. This green was covered by an impermeable cover. This means that this cover is designed not to allow moisture to get under it. The reason we cover number 9,14,16,17 is that those 4 green complexes have had a history when we have a midwinter thaw; it causes water to roll down on the greens refreezing ultimately causing ice damage. My speculation on the issues with #17 cover is potentially some early winter deer traffic possible putting some holes in cover causing water to get in and freeze. At the time of this writing, we are seeing positive signs of recovery despite not having the warm weather we need. I will be spiking and seeding it again which will help the process. Again progress has been made without the best weather conditions; I believe when conditions heat up, recovery will speed up.

I hope this provides you with a brief update. I am confident you will all observe some many positive changes coming up.

Tom Johanns
Course Superintendent