Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 5/25/10

To the BTCC Members:
I thought it would be a good time to update you all on the course conditions and also some of the maintenance practices we have worked on this past month.

Course conditions:
As mentioned in the April newsletter, BTCC came thru the winter well. Despite the warm sunny days we had in April we were limited with the growth and recovery of the turf by the frosty cool nights. As I have stated before, you need consistent soil temps of 55 degrees or more, 24 hours per day to have uniform growth of the turf, BTCC has multiple varieties of turf throughout the course which react differently under inconsistent, cold soil temps. Once we reach the optimum growing temps, we will reach an even pattern of growth on the tees, greens, and fairways.

May brought cooler rainy days with worm casts on our uneven growing fairways, "what a mess". At the time of this writing, these conditions are improving. Our growing season is May 15 to September 15 and despite the early nice weather this appears to be holding true.

We have been able to make good progress on some of the maintenance activities we have planned for April and May which include:
  -Edging Bunkers
    3/4 of all the bunkers have been edged
    2/3 of all the bunkers have had sand adjusted or added to achieve proper depths

  -Stump work
    110 stumps were removed and are to be filled with soil and sodded.

  -Herbicide spraying
    Multiple loads of herbicide have been taken out around the rainy days to keep the week population down.

  -Mowing and grooming practices have increased based on the need to do so and also the available labor returning to do it.

Maintenance Activities:
The following is a list of maintenance activities planned for this season:
  1. Tee Aerification.
  2. Finish stump work
  3. Bunker edging.
  4. Finish bunker work.
  5. Repair road between 6 and 8.
  6. Repair cart path endings.

As always we strive to provide, daily a well conditioned and healthy golf course for our members to play.

Tom Johanns