Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 05/27/04

We invite all new members to our "New Member Orientation" on Wednesday, June 9th at 7:00 pm in the clubhouse. We realize that as a new member you may have questions about how the club works and our goal is to take away some of the mystery out of items such as your club statement, how stock works, discount coupons, establishing a handicap, making tee times, finding games, etc. We also want input from you on how we can make your experience at Bemidji Town & CC more enjoyable. So please join us! This meeting is open to any new member from the last couple of years.

We are serving a Father's Day Brunch on Sunday June 20th! 9am-1pm. Reservations are strongly recommended. Our regular breakfast menu will not be available. Check our website for full menu and prices.

Mark down Friday, June 25th for our "Members Dinner" at the clubhouse. We plan to make this a fun event for members and their guests with live music and a theme dinner. Watch for more details.

On Sunday, August 15th we are having a "Couples Steak Night". This will involve 18 holes of golf and a steak dinner. We will have our new tent up and frying steaks and serving dinner on the patio. Watch for more info.

The practice green by the 1st tee is now designated as a putting green only. If you want to practice your chipping, please use the west practice green (old #9). Signs are in place around the green as a reminder.

We have put together a pamphlet for our junior members that goes over our programs, rules and events. This year we have substantially more juniors than last year! This pamphlet will be mailed to all juniors next week. You will also be able to view any changes on our website. As a reminder, our junior lessons for age 5-15 start the week of June 7th.

Last fall we planted numerous trees on #8, #9 and #10. We have a local rule that says if you're ball lies in the tree well, you may take a free drop, 1 club-length from the nearest point of relief from the tree well. You DO NOT necessarily get relief from the tree.

Hey golfers, here is an update on greens and grounds issues. First and foremost, the pump/well problem is resolved as of now. We are still drawing some sand and gravel but we have good water flow. Whew!!

On May 26th the representative from the USGA paid us a visit. Tom Johanns and members of the Greens Committee spent several hours with him on the course. This is a great no cost service to our club. He was very helpful in explaining turf and related issues to us. I will let Tom explain the technical aspects to you if you are interested. He made several recommendations to us which the Committee agrees with. We will be removing a couple of trees on the left side of # 13 tee box. They are blocking sunlight and our grass will not grow on the back half of the tee box. The Norway in front of the first bunker on the left side of # 2 will probably be taken down. It creates a double hazard and causes headaches for maintenance of the bunker. He agreed with our various tee box improvements and made some useful suggestions. All in all, I think his visit confirms that Tom and his crew are doing a great job for us.

In regards to the survey that Paul sent out to the women members the vote seems to be running against moving the #15 tee box up the hill and making it a par 4. We will do a final tally soon.

As always, if you have concerns or suggestions please contact me via e-mail at or by phone at 444-3462. Have a great season and do not forget to replace your divots and fix those darn ball marks on the greens.

 • The course is closed until noon on Tuesday, June 1 for the Region 8A Tournament.
 • The clubhouse will be serving breakfast on the weekends from 8am till 12pm Memorial Day Weekend till Labor Day weekend.
 • Friday Night Couples start June 4th. Tee times begin at 5:30 and the entry for this 9 hole event is $10 per couple. See proshop for details
 • The pairings are available for our Season Long Best-Ball in the proshop. Please get your first round match scheduled soon!
 • $15.00 off coupons are available in the proshop for all adult members.
 • Sign-up now for the Buick Scramble on Saturday, June 26th. Details in proshop.

RULING OF THE DAY - Reprinted from the USGA
   Q: In a match between A and B, A putts and his ball comes to rest near the hole. B concedes A's next stroke. A says: "No, I haven't holed out yet." B says: "OK. Go ahead and putt." A putts and misses. In such circumstances, is the concession invalidated?
   A: No. When B conceded A's next stroke, A had completed the hole. Concession of a stroke may not be declined or withdrawn - see Rule 2-4. -Paul Grovum
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