Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 5/26/09

From the Superintendent
To the BTCC members:

Greetings to you all, I along with my staff would like to officially welcome you back for the start of the golfing season. By this time a number of you have played a round or two of golf and might have some questions about the course that I can answer with an update on the current conditions.

In general BTCC came thru the winter well, for the second year in a row we avoided winter kill caused by ice formation that had plagued us in earlier years. The visual damage you might notice on the turf areas is predominantly snow mold which is a turf disease that develops as a result of a prolong period of snow cover and wet conditions. Most of these areas will recover as soil temps warm and growing conditions improve. As I am sure you all know it has been a very slow spring for growth and recovery due to the cool weather.

We have recently completed the necessary evil of greens aerification. We had two very good days to get the job done. The benefit of using the smaller tines is that the recovery time is faster even on years like this with the cool weather. We appreciate your acceptance and patience for this cultural practice. As I have stated many times it is a practice that has to be done to have healthy turf conditions.

The next month will be very busy for my staff, the list includes: Tee aerification, Herbicide spraying for weed control, Bunker edging, Sand additions to bunkers that need it, Improvement to cart path endings.

As always we strive to provide daily a well conditioned and healthy golf course for our members to play.

Tom Johanns