Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 6/1/12

From the Superintendent


I just wanted to remind you all that we are aerating the front nine greens Monday June 4 and the back nine Tuesday June 5. We selected these dates this year to facilitate healing of the greens in the least possible time. If we do it in cold weather which we have done in previous years the plants are growing slowly and consequently the greens take longer to heal.

Some of you might ask why do we have to do this when the greens seem to be healthy and in good shape. The answer is that this is a cultural practice which must be routinely performed to give the plants an environment that will enable them to stay healthy through the stress of the summer.

I would like to thank you all for your patience and acceptance of these practices. This allows us to have the healthy golf environment that we strive for.

Tom Johanns
Golf course Superintendent