Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 6/1/15

Turf Talk Newsletter


I want to inform all members and guests that I have made a decision to close down the 17th green to help aide in the recovery from winter injury. For the future we will be playing a temporary green out in front of the existing green.

Over the last 45 days I have made numerous attempts to seed the bad areas on the green, because of the cool spring we have had, until just recently we have not had much success. The reason I am closing the green is to give the new seedlings a chance to grow. It is well known in the Turfgrass Management industry that excessive foot traffic is a big negative in trying to establish new turf. By eliminating the traffic along with the warmer weather, I am confident we will see a much quicker recover. We also plan on doing some plugging and sodding which will also help get the green playable.

As always I appreciate your acceptance of some of these practices that I have to perform to have quality turf conditions.


Tom Johanns, Superintendent

Bemidji Town & Country Club