Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 6/8/12

Superintendent Report


Greens aerification was completed Tuesday June 5th. As mentioned in the previous newsletter, we made the decision to aerify a week later this spring hoping to have warmer weather conditions which would facilitate faster recovery. Also, smaller tines were used to help aid in quicker recovery time. Generally the aerification process, no matter what size holes are used, takes 7-10 days to recover under ideal growing conditions. At this point, we believe we are within that window.

The following questions have been asked.

Why can you not get all the holes filled
   • All greens are unique and the filling process varies from green to green. We can calculate how much material (sand) is needed for each specific green, however the filling process is difficult because of variations with each green. Some greens fill better than others. Some greens fall short of material, while others have too much sand. By early next week, all will balance out considering the fine tuning processes we will and have taken to achieve a uniform surface.

Why are there brown spots on several greens?
• The benefit with the aerification process in warmer weather is quicker recovery. The negative, is the fact that the process is extremely stressful to the turf during the event. The methods used to fill in the holes are very abrasive to the plants. Certain greens that are not in the best growing environment (shade, air movement, etc.) are predisposed to showing stress. As bad as these spots appear, they will bounce back. They are already showing signs of recovery.

I hope this answers some of your questions about this process. We understand that this is a nuisance, but aerification is a cultural practice that must be done. Thank you for your understanding.

See you on the course,
Tom Johanns