Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 06/09/04

A HUGE congratulations to Jeff Nelson and his girls golf team as they are on their way home with the Minnesota State High School Class AA Girls Golf Championship trophy! They won the title today by two strokes on the Bunker Hills course (my former stomping grounds!). You can see all the scores here.

Make your reservations now for our Father's Day Brunch on Sunday, June 20th. The complete menu can be viewed here.

Gretchen and Jamie are busy putting the final itinerary together on our "Cruise Ship" Night at the club. Will we be sending out more details soon on this fun theme dinner held Friday, June 25th.

We will be holding a Ladies Short Game Clinic that will last 3 weeks and is held on Tuesdays starting June 22nd. Each lesson will cover a different topic and last for one hour. The first lesson will cover putting; week 2 covers chipping and week 3 we will cover pitching and sand play. The cost is only $35.00 for all 3 lessons and is limited to 6 students. Sign up is in the ladies locker room.

The Buick Scramble is fast approaching as we near our Saturday, June 26 start. Information and sign-up is available in the proshop. Make sure you pick up one of the rules cards to make sure your team is eligible. Additional information is available at the Buick Scramble website at:

I want to thank Tim Dondelinger and Dondelinger Chevrolet-Buick for their support.

In the Turf Management profession, our goal as Superintendents is to grow "Tomorrow's Grass Today", that is, gear all our management practices towards obtaining and sustaining healthy, playable turf conditions throughout the year. This year I have employed practices to obtain our goals but Mother Nature has challenged us with a cool spring. The net result of this is slow recovery from winter damage, and limited root development, which is vital for handling the upcoming summer stresses. Hopefully, we will have an even transition into summer, which will allow the turf to adapt at its own, pace.

At this time we have anticipated a planned project of enlarging the Pro-Tee on #2. We also have scheduled leveling #13 men's tee, some clean-up work around 14 pond and planting more lilacs along the property line behind #3 tee. As more projects are planned through the season, I will keep you all informed.
-Tom Johanns-Superintendent

Congratulations to Tom Serratore for his hole-in-one on June 3rd on the 7th hole with an 8-iron. This is Tom's second ace and his accomplishment was witnessed by Bob Fitzgerald, Ryan Baer, Tom Halberg and Trevor Spangler.

The purpose of the USGA Handicap System is to make the game of golf more enjoyable by enabling golfers of differing abilities to compete on an equitable basis. A basic premise underlies the USGA Handicap System, namely that every player will try to make the best score at each hole in every round, regardless of where the round is played, and that the player will post every acceptable round for peer review.

A lot of people have strong opinions regarding the subject of posting scores...unfortunately most of them are wrong! Posting all eligible scores is the single most important component of accurate handicapping. Despite opinions to the contrary, there are very few instances where a golfer is not required to post a score for handicap purposes. For example, if a player occasionally hits a second ball and does not complete the hole with his original ball he should post par plus any handicap the player is entitled to on that hole. This also applies to any hole that is not completed and for rounds that are less than 18 holes but more than 12 holes. (In other words, incomplete rounds must also be posted!)

For any golfers that do not post their scores, penalty scores will be accessed. The USGA Handicap Manual states: "It is equitable (for the handicap committee) to enter that score or penalty score when a player fails to post a score. A penalty score is a score with the corresponding Ratings equal to the lowest differential used to compute his or her last USGA Handicap Index or in the player's latest 20 scores. If the omitted score is unusually high, a penalty score should equal the highest differential in the last 20 scores."

Rick and I will make every effort to assure that proper, fair and equitable handicapping occurs at BTCC with all members so that Penalty Scores will not need to be assessed. Remember that it is YOUR responsibility to make sure your score is posted. You can also view your scores by visiting the GHIN website at and entering your GHIN number. (This site is only updated after we transmit scores which is twice a week).

RULING OF THE DAY - Reprinted from the USGA
Want to test your knowledge of the rules of golf? If so, then try out one of the quizzes located on the USGA site.

-Paul Grovum
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