Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 06/21/14

From the Superintendent
BTCC Has received a little over eight inches of rain in the last three weeks which has made the rough lush and healthy. Our trees and landscape have benefited from the rain as well. The only negative to all this rain is it is difficult to maintain the firm fast conditions that golfers desire.

The challenge we have had the last couple of weeks has been keeping up with grass growth. In most cases the primary rough has been cut two to three times per week. We have been able to undertake some projects around the weather. Patching, sealcoating and class 5 work around 16 cart path has been completed. We have done some tree removal and sod repair around the half-way house. Replacement of timber edging has started near cart paths. We have solid tine aerated cart path endings and weak rough areas to improve them. Bunker edging and sand redistribution is ongoing to maintain consistent bunker conditions.

Upcoming Maintenance Activities
  • Continue timberwork
  • Wholesale pruning of clubhouse landscape
  • Partial replacement of plant material in the clubhouse landscape
  • Pruning and rock replacement in the tee monument landscapes
  • Painting of lettering on tee monument
  • Aerification, over seeding, Topdressing of Range tees
  • Selective removal of dead or dying trees on the course
  • Selective trimming of trees as determined by the superintendent and greens committee
  • Continuous aerification and over seeding of tees to improve turf conditions
  • Continue working with all parties involved to ensure a successful bunker and irrigation renovation this fall
Tom Johanns