Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 7/1/10

Hello all, hope the golf season has been good for you and you have gotten out to play in between the rains. I have gotten lots of comments and suggestions on various things pertaining to our course and facility, mostly good, but some that are not so good, which leads me to this essay. I must start by saying that for the most part our members and guests take very good care of our course, but there are some exceptions. As good stewards of our golf course it is good for us to pay particular attention to a few areas of upkeep that we have control over as we play each round;

1. Golf carts around the greens and tee boxes. Please keep the carts outside the ropes and away from green sides and tee boxes (there are exceptions for those with health predicaments). Use the 90 degree rule in fairways from time to time.

2. Replace your divots, or fill in with the sand provided if you use a cart.

3. Repair ball marks on greens, and look for other unrepaired ball marks to repair.

4. Use the sand provided on the par 3 tee boxes to repair your tee shot divot.

These are some quick and easy items to take care of as we play and will certainly help in keeping our course lush and green.

Again, we certainly appreciate the fact that most members are taking care of these items, but be diligent about it, and if need be, make mention to someone that is not, or at least, lead by example and good stewardship will catch on. For a two week period the pro shop will be giving away, for free, Bemidji Town and Country Club ball repair tools. Be sure to look for one or ask the pro shop attendants.

Kevin Williamson