Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 07/07/14


I wanted to inform the membership of a cultural maintenance practice we will be performing on the greens on Monday and Tuesday July 14 and 15 The objective of this program is to maintain turf health at an optimal level as we get ready to battle the summer heat and peak golfer and equipment traffic in July and August. The goals of this program include:

1 - Venting: This helps wet spots dry out and dry spots become more receptive to water that is applied, creating a more consistent playing surface.

2 - Compaction Relief: By making “small” holes in the surface and fracturing the soil. We are creating pore space to encourage deeper and stronger rooting which will help the turf tolerate heat and traffic stress.

3 - Gas exchange: Oxygen will be allowed into the soil while built-up carbon dioxide is able to escape, creating a healthy growing environment for the turf which leads to a stronger plant.

4 - Dethatching: vertical mowing with a special attachment on a mower which removes thatch and organic matter.

5 - Topdressing: A light topdressing of sand, when incorporated into the profile will help dilute thatch and organic matter, fill in imperfections on the surface which will lead to smoother putting conditions.

6 - Interseeding: we will be incorporating bent grass seed into the greens with the goal of continuing the process of converting our greens into the desired monostand of bent grass.

As mentioned previously, we will be doing nine holes Monday July 14 and nine holes July 15. The nine holes we are working on will be closed. We will open the holes up at a time when we successfully complete the process. The recovery time for this will be very short. I appreciate your patience allowing me to complete this necessary maintenance practice all for the best conditions we are striving to achieve.