Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 07/14/04

Congratulations to Fred and Liz Neff for winning the Member Classic held on Saturday, July 10th. Their 2-person best-ball score of 59 was good for a one stroke victory. Ninety six players competed in this fun event. Below are the top scores:
  1. 59- Fred Neff and Liz Neff
  2. 60 - Kelly Curb and Jim Sutton
  2. 60 - Al Curb and Russ Moen
  2. 60 - Darby Whalen and Elaine Reeves
  2. 60 - Jim Haugstul and Jerry Daniels
  2. 60 - Martha Klevay and Myrna Freborg
  7. 62 - Paul Daman and Margaret Dow
  7. 62 - Dwayne Young and Kirk English
  7. 62 - Tim Dondelinger and Terry Johnson

Rod Pickett's team won our ProAm on Monday, July 12th with a 3-best balls of 5 player score of 193 (23 under par). Adam Guili from Edinburgh USA was low pro with a 5-under score of 67 and won $830. I would like to thank Jerry Stevens and Bemidji Coca-Cola for stepping up and sponsoring our event at the last minute as our previous sponsor had to back out. Thanks Jerry!
Below are the top scores in the team and pro events:
  LOW TEAM   * = BTCC Member
  JP Prenovost, Spring Hill GC (Pro) - 193
  *Rod Pickett
  Tom Williams
  Stan Sjoberg
  Rick Reierson

  Shannon O'Neill, Perham Lakeside CC (Pro) - 194
  Ken Nelson
  Wayne Caughley
  Jeff Tweeton
  Ladd Lyngaas

  Kris Smith, Ironman GC (Pro) - 194
  Mike Noah
  Aaron Burnside
  Randy Burnside
  *Tom Moran

  Adam Guilli, Edinburgh USA (Pro) - 194
  *Tom Serratore
  Jim Tyler
  *Joe Mayer
  *Rob Noren

  1. Adam Guili, Edinburgh USA - 67
  2. Bill Israelson, Vintage GC - 70
  3. Bob Cahill, Pokegama GC - 71
  3. Kris Smith, Ironman GC - 71
  5. Rick Grand, Bemidji Town & CC - 72
  5. Kris Kroetsch, Moorhead CC - 72
  5. Shannon O'Neil, Perham Lakeside CC - 72
  8. J.P Prenevost, Spring Hill GC - 73
  8. Gordy Skaar, Eagle Ridge - 73

Hi members,
The Greens Committee met on the 12th and went over several items. Our mission is to keep the course in the best possible condition and to keep the membership informed. Most of this meeting dealt with routine housekeeping projects such as removal of the dead trees behind #3 tee box and cleaning up some of the hazard areas. We decided to cut the hazard area along the left side of #17. Due to the technical rules of golf, a person must see or confirm a ball has entered the margin of a lateral hazard to be able to make a drop and continue play. If it is not seen entering and can not be found it is a lost ball. The hazard along the left side of #17 can not be seen from the tee. By cutting this area shorter, we hope that players will be able to find balls that enter the hazard and follow the prescribed requirement of either playing it as it lies or declare it unplayable and taking the proper penalty.

We also hope to cut some of the tall brush that has grown up in the hazard in front of # 15 tee. The stuff has gotten rather high and comes into play on penalty shots.

On # 15 red tees we will lower the planks on the cart barrier which is in front of the tee.

The work on the tee at # 13 will begin soon. We will strip the front of the tee down and level the teeing area. If all goes very well it may be ready for play during the Birchmont.

We are in the process of having a study done of our irrigation system and will have a plan with several options for replacing the system eventually. Our system is around 20 years old and we need a clear idea of the overall condition of all the components. We should have a master plan in hand and a solid idea of costs.

We also are looking at various sand samples for future replacement of the bunkers. The "good" stuff is very expensive to haul in and install. We should have a clear idea of the total cost of such a project soon.

By the way, I am seeing fewer unrepaired ball marks on greens and more replaced divots on the fairways. Thanks a ton. It is, after all, your golf course.
-Steve Hagenah-Greens Chairman
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