Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 7/21/12

Thank you to all who participated in the July women's golf event. We had an incredible turnout with 81 women attending. Register NOW for August 22nd event.

All of you know that our 88th Annual Birchmont gets underway tomorrow. We currently have 220 players registered and are looking for another great event. We invite you to stop out and watch the action. Results are also posted daily on our website at

The golf course will be closed for outside play until after the final match next Saturday, but the clubhouse is open daily for breakfast (starting at 6:30 am), lunch and dinner. The clubhouse is closed Tuesday night for dining because of the fish fry for contestants.

The red water hazard stakes that were to the left of #15 have been removed. If you cannot find your ball to the left of this hole you must play the ball as lost (stroke and distance). The hazard in front of and around #15 green remains. The reason for doing this is:
   1) There is no water in this area; therefore it should not be played as a hazard.
   2) Because players are not sure where their ball entered the hazard they often take improper drops; drops that make their next shot easier.

• Friday, August 4th - BSU Lady Classic
• Sunday, August 5th - Couples Golf
• Friday, August 11th - BHS Lumberjack Scramble
• Friday, August 18th - Club Tournament Party
• Sat-Sun, August 19-20 - Men's & Women's Club Tournament

For a complete list of our events, visit our online calendar

Rick Grand