Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 7/21/15

From the Green Committee

The Green Committee is asking for your assistance in helping keep Bemidji Town & Country Club in the best condition possible. This starts with the basic etiquette of fixing ball marks, replacing divots, and using the sand & seed mix on fairways, tee boxes and practice range. If all of our members and guests would do these basic practices the golf course would recover faster and playing conditions would be more consistent.

For those who already help us out, thank you and keep up the good work. For those who would like to carry your efforts a step further, we are starting a program which will provide the tools for volunteers to help us in our efforts.

  1. We are asking for volunteers to monitor course conditions and provide the extra help needed to speed turf recovery. This would require a minimal time commitment outside of your time on the course. Golf course staff will provide divot repair tools, sand & seed mix, and a golf car at all times.
  1. Divots should be replaced; sand & seed should be used to level the area.
  2. Check with pro shop staff on the proper method to fix ball marks.
  3. Take time to rake the bunkers smooth; rakes should be left outside the bunker.
Thank you for your support.