Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 8/7/17

Course Update
I thought it would be a good time to update our members and guests on the current conditions.

Environmental Conditions
To date Bemidji Town and Country Club has received approximately 3 inches of rain for the season. In 2015-2016 we received approximately 28 inches of rain for the year. The last 2 years our irrigation system pumped the least amount of water since I have been here. At this rate 2017 might be the year that we might exceed the highest level of gallons pumped.

BTTC Conditions
  • BTCC subsoil is mainly made up of course sand and gravel.
  • Our irrigation system only irrigates 45 acres of the total acres of our property, greens, tees and fairways. Virtually no rough is irrigated by our system.
  • Trees on the course have extensive root system that as of right now are sucking limited amount of moisture out of our sandy gravel soil.
  • To date we have for the most part been able to keep our prime turf areas well irrigated.
As you have all noticed there are areas on the fairways and tees that have brown spots that would tell you that we are not watering enough. There are a number of reasons for this.
  1. The technology for the 1985 irrigation system is out dated in terms of the quality of heads and the placement of the heads.
  2. The brown areas you see is a condition called hydrophobic soil, which means the soil under that area will not accept water.
  3. A lot of our prime turf areas and rough areas are very compacted from cart traffic, maintenance equipment and foot traffic. Compacted areas do not allow moisture to get into the profile as needed.
What we are doing to solve the problems
  • Extensive hand watering to areas that are not receiving enough water from our irrigation system.
  • Needle tine aerification on tee, areas on greens and fairways to relieve compaction and open up channels to allow water into the profile.
  • Injecting and spraying wetting agents.
  • Wetting agents are a compound that when applied into the system help to make better use of the water.
In summary we are experiencing some extreme conditions at this time. Let's all hope Mother Nature will be nice to us from this point on. I hope this update assures you that we are doing our best to get us through it.

Tom Johanns
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