Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 08/15/05

From the President
Hello once again BTCC members. This is just a short note to keep you updated on current discussions by the Long Range Planning Committee.

We contacted Mr. David La Pour, an expert in design and operation of practice facilities. He has given us several options to improve our existing practice areas. The suggestions he has given us are impressive and the main consideration is just how much we are willing to spend to get this done.

Mr. LaPour has also suggested some methods to enhance revenues from the Practice Facility. Speaking only for myself, I am in favor of greatly enlarging the putting green area and adding contour, making the chipping green and bunkers more useful and leveling the driving range. I know I need to practice much more and having a facility that gives real feedback would be most helpful. It also would enhance golf instruction sessions. Most of us could use a little more practice before going out and blasting away on the course. (even if we don't admit it). If we can get this project done for a reasonable cost, it would be a great improvement to our overall golf operation. We will display any suggested improvements in the clubhouse prior to any board action. We hope to obtain drawings soon. Please take a look at information and make any comments or suggestions as soon as you can. I doubt that we can get this done this year. We would like to minimize disruption to the operation. Work would probably need to be started by the 3rd week of August to have the improvements usable by Spring.

As we move through the summer, our financial position remains very solid. We are on target to meet our budget. Our revenues in June were mediocre and July was OK. Presently, the weather is much too dry for my tastes. We sure could use a good soaking rain to green up things. I have attempted to use the influence that goes with the President's position to make it rain. The one in charge of all that is obviously not very impressed. I may have to try some other method. Stay tuned.
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