Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 08/21/12

Superintendent Report
I thought it would be a good time to update you on course conditions this past summer and also make you aware of the maintenance activities we are planning in the near future.

Course Conditions:

Overall, I have been pleased with golf course conditions this summer considering the difficult weather we have experienced. The poa annua that covers the majority of BTCC is most susceptible to the tough growing conditions that were present. As a result, we have seen some spotty areas throughout the facility that have suffered because of these drought and heat stresses. However, we were able to keep our water management, plant protectant and nutrient levels in balance. Some of the scars that presently exist on the fairways and greens will slowly recover as the heat subsides and our fall maintenance practices take place.

Fall Maintenance Practices:

As of today, we have initiated tee aerification on holes 1-4 and will continue as time and weather permits. The goal is to finish tee aerification by the end of the week and jump into fairway aerification in the weeks to follow. Please excuse the messy aerification process, as we will do our best to provide clean playing surfaces in a timely manner. Again, this is a necessary procedure to stabilize and control proper root zone water infiltration.

This year we have experienced an excessive amount of crabgrass primarily in the rough areas on the golf course. The best approach to attack this specific weed is preventively with a pre-emergent herbicide applied next spring. Applications are planned for this time. Broadleaf weed control around green and tee complexes will be done in the month of September as weather permits. Knotweed in the fairways will be treated with a September herbicide application.


As many of you have notice, we have a considerable amount of damage on the golf course due to skunks digging for grubs. In speaking with other superintendents this is a common problem this year. The high percentage of grubs present is a result of a mild winter, increasing the population of grubs. At this point, we have been unsuccessful in our attempts to trap the skunks and will continue to look into additional options for control.

Well Issues:

It has been determined, in working with two well drillers that our well that supplies the water to the golf course is no longer functional. This is a result of 30 years of continued hard use. Numerous components within the well itself are worn out. It cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced. At the present time the greens committee and board are securing bids and reviewing options on well replacement.

I hope you have all enjoyed your golfing experiences this year and look forward to seeing you all on the course this fall.

Tom Johanns
Golf Course Superintendent