Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 08/23/06

Jeff Wiltse fired a 1-under par 36 hole total of 143 to win his second straight Men's Club Tournament. Scott Hinners held a one stroke lead with two holes to play, but two finishing bogeys gave Jeff the title. Scott finished second at 144 and Jay Loch was third at 145.

Bryan Grand captured his first Senior Men's Championship with a total of 150 and Alyssa Konecne repeated as the Ladies Club Champion with a two day score of 169. Fifty-nine players competed. Congratulations to all the winners!

The Top Winners (net score) in each division: (par=144)
Men's Championship

Jeff Wiltse, Alyssa Konecne
and Bryan Grand
  John Wangberg - 136
  Scott Hinners - 138
  Jay Loch - 145
  Scott Curb - 145

Senior Men's Championship
  Blaine Grone - 143
  Edward LeBeau - 144
  Gerry Douglas - 148

Ladies 1st Flight
  Liz Neff - 143
  Paulette Grand - 145

Ladies 2nd Flight
  Tiffany Paine - 143
  Patsy Erickson - 147
  Donna Macius - 151

Bob Beighley, Tiffany Paine,
Liz Neff, Bob Scriba and Gene Bakke
Men's 1st Flight
  Bob Beighley - 134
  Gary Cartwright - 143
  Steve Vosika - 144

Men's 2nd Flight
  Gene Bakke - 141
  Randy Westoff - 141
  Keith Mooney - 145
  Bob Zimmerman - 145

Men's 3rd Flight
  Bob Scriba - 138
  Pat Dooley - 140
  Al Macius - 146

To: All Lady members

The Greens Committee is looking at leveling, improving, and in some cases eliminating tee boxes. One of these tee boxes is hole 16. The current tee box, which has the red markers, needs improving.

The Committee would like to move the red tee markers on hole 16 back to the current Gold tee box and eliminate the current Red tee. This would increase the yardage of the hole from 257 yards to 306 yards.

There would be a trial period of two weeks to get feedback from the members to:
   1) Keep the current tee at it's current location and improve the tee, or
   2) Move the tee back to the Gold tee box and eliminate the current red tee.

Please indicate after the trial two week period on the voting sheet in the proshop which you prefer. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at:

Thank You,
Scott Tuomala

Jim Humeniuk started his Sunday round in the Club Tournament on the 14th hole. His first shot of the day found it's way into the hole for a hole-in-one! He was using a 5-iron and playing with Jim Richards and Kevin Geerdes. Congratulations Jim!

 • Tuesday, August 29th - Tournament of Champions
 • September 2,3,4 - The Vandersluis Memorial
 • Tuesday, September 12th - Top Ten Shootout
 • Wednesday, September 13th - Courage North Fundraiser
 • Tuesday, October 10th - Annual Stockholder's Meeting
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  Paul Grovum
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