Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 08/27/04

The Junior Club Tournament dates are August 30 and 31st. Originally we had scheduled September 2nd as day 3 of the tournament but school is in session so the event has been shortened to two days.

We are once again offering a fall membership this year. The price is $175.00 for a single and $250.00 for a family. This membership allows unlimited golf for the remainder of the year AND if you join next year you can apply the entire amount to your 2005 dues. This is a great way to get your friends to join our club!

The first round of the Men's Club Tournament took place yesterday (Thursday, August 27). The Men's Champ division is currently being led by Johnny Larson with a 72 and Jeff Wiltse at 75. In the Senior Men's Championship, Bruce Simenson fired a 68 and takes a 3 shot lead over Bob Kobilka's 71 into Saturday's final round. In the 1st flight, Rick Curb leads with a net 70 followed by Terry Johnson with a 73. The 2nd flight has Gary Johnson at the top after a blistering net 63 and John Carlson follows with a net 68. The 3rd flight leaders are Jim Humeniuk and Randy Westhoff both with net 74's. Below are the tee times for Saturday's final round.

Saturday, August 28 Men's Club Tournament Tee Times
 8:24  Scott Curb  Russ Moen  Scott Hinners  
 8:32  Rob Noren  Mark Thorson  John Wangberg  
 8:40  John Countryman  Kelly Curb  Jeff Wiltse  Johnny Larson
 8:48  Edward LeBeau  Gerry Douglas  Dave Vogel  
 8:56  Jeff Nelson  Gary Vogel  Terry Jackson  Joe Mayer
 9:04  Bryan Grand  Brain Israelson  Bob Kobilka  Bruce Simenson
 9:12  Bob Beighley  Tom Conzemius  Jay Wilimek  Marshall Johnston
 9:20  Dick Gregg  Jim Haugstul  Tony Warno  Steve Hagenah
 9:28  Don Dale  Ryce Miller  Terry Johnson  Rick Curb
 9:36  Craig Meisner  Ric Bowman  Bob Zimmerman  John Faulkner
 9:44  Jim Richards  Wade Price  John Carlson  Gary Johnson
 9:52  Dwayne Young  Dean Schnell  Paul Stennes  
 10:00  Rick Gordon  Al Macius  Fulton Gallagher  
 10:08  Bob Scriba  Jim Humeniuk  Randy Westhoff  Tom Swanson

-Paul Grovum
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