Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 08/30/11

BTCC members:

Greetings to all members and hope each of you are enjoying the BTCC as Mother Nature continues to provide the needed moisture this year to keep the course looking very good. As always, this is enhanced by the hard work of the grounds crew!

For the last two years, the BTCC Board of Directors in collaboration with the Master Plan Committee1 and the Management at BTCC have been discussing the future needs of our golf course. After much research, and to ensure we take the appropriate steps to achieve our defined needs the board, long range committee and management have selected Kevin Norby of Herfort & Norby, Golf Course Architects2, to work with in creating a Master Plan for BTCC.

Over the past 10-15 years, many upgrades have been completed to the clubhouse (inside and out), locker rooms, putting green, landscaping around the club house and pro shop, half-way house and driving range. Other than some emergency expenses, only minor improvements/changes have been made on the course itself.

This master planning process provides for a comprehensive hole-by-hole, tee to green analysis of the course inclusive of cost by project. It will identify the strengths and weaknesses of each golf hole. The Master Plan will further identify recommended options to enhance for playability and ensure good agronomy for the growth of greens and other grasses; and minimize the damage caused to cart paths etc.

Once the Master Plan is completed we will look to identify those items which improve our course play and maintenance. The individual recommendations will be prioritized by a balance of needs and cost.

There are several reasons that necessitate changes / updates, but let's get down to Business. Continuing to make these enhancements allows us to better market our course. We are a business, more of the greens fees and higher membership is how the course makes money. We want to be able to assure our members and customer that they will receive a combination of a great course to play and a wonderful dining experience. In order to continue to provide to our members a very competitive membership annual cost we need to be a successful business. As board member terms expire, this process should allow for consistency with those changing board memberships and guarantee that improvements or changes in the course are done in a logical and cost effective manner.

This will be a Master Plan that will be able serve as a guide for our golf course for many years. We are guardians of a Great golf course and we need to make sure we have the proper tools in place to pass it on for generations to come.

In addition to the Master Plan, we are working with golf course consultant Jim Keegan from Golf Convergence3 to help evaluate our marketing processes and operational revenues and expenditures. We need to make sure that we have the appropriate exposure needed to not only attract potential members but additional walk-on play by out of town golfers. Jim Keegan will also review our operations to help identify opportunities to increase clubhouse revenues and/or reduce costs. With the advent of the electronic world there are many options to make the golf operations work more efficiently.

We would hope that you would mark your calendars for the Annual Meeting on October 11th. Please attend this meeting as our intent is to have our board, Master Planning Committee, and Kevin Norby available to discuss and present the outcome of the direction you endorsed at last year's meeting.

Thank you and hope to see you on the 11th of October at the Annual Meeting.

BTCC board members

1The Master Plan Committee includes: Russ Moen, Kevin Williamson, Scott Curb, and Paul Welle.

2Herfort & Norby, Golf Course Architects - for more information go to

3Golf Convergence