Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 09/02/05

Members Survey
Attention members!! I encourage all of you to read and respond to our online survey. It is critical that the Board of Directors have a clear picture of the wishes of the membership. We often hear from several more vocal members but rarely hear from many of you. If you are satisfied with how things are going, let us know. If you are dissatisfied, let us know. Here is your chance to provide input that will be heard. Thank you for your participation.

Go To Online Survey

Note: If the above link does not take you directly to the survey, you can copy and paste the URL below:
  -Steve Hagenah- President

Vandersluis Information
The Vandersluis starts tomorrow (09/03/05) and we currently have more than 170 players registered. Unlike the Birchmont, the course WILL open for play after all players have started. This means the course will open somewhere around 3:00 - 3:30 pm.

On Sunday, September 4th we put on a Vandersluis Dinner in the clubhouse. This means there will be no regular menu available on Sunday evening.
  -Paul Grovum

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