Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 9/08/15

Turf Talk Newsletter
From the Superintendent

I thought it would be a good time to update you on the course conditions, and also make you aware of the maintenance activities we are planning for this fall.

Course Conditions

Overall I have been pleased with golf course conditions this summer. Not excessive but timely rain events for the most part have kept the course green with well-defined rough areas. The predominantly poa-annua turf we have held up well during higher stress times we have had the past 2 weeks with the higher heat and humidity. The biggest disease problem we have had this year has been a disease called dollar-spot which has affected primarily tees and fairways. The fall fertilizer application coupled with cooler weather and fungicide application will cure this problem.

Fall Maintenance

As fall is upon us and winter approaches, we focus our efforts in doing the necessary practices that get the turf healthy for the upcoming winter. The following will be performed this month.
  • Core aerification tees and fairways
  • Herbicide application in rough, fairways, tees and green complexes
  • Greens venting and topdressing process that was performed in July and August
  • Front 9 Monday September 21st
  • Back 9 Tuesday 22nd
All of the practices above have to be performed on sunny dry days. I will communicate with the pro-shop as to what we are going to be doing on each day. With these practices there is some mess and disruption involved. As always I will complete the work in a timely and efficient manner.


As many of you have noticed we have a considerable amount of damage on the golf course due to skunks digging for grubs. This is roughly a 3-4 year cycle, we last had this issue to this degree was in 2012. The mild winter also contributed to the large population of grubs this year. At this time we have eliminated 9 skunks and are working to remove more. All areas damaged will be repaired when we have no more skunks on the course.

Golf Course Superintendent
Tom Johanns