Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 09/16/06


Top Ten Shootout winner
Pat Dooley
Congratulations to Pat Dooley for winning this year's Top Ten Shootout on Tuesday, Sept 12th. Pat outlasted Chase Jackson who finished second. This event wraps up our Tuesday Nite Events and is a highlight of the year. The order of finish is:

Pat Dooley, Chase Jackson, Brian Israelson, Bob Kobilka, Jim Sutton, Al Swedmark, Tim Hins, Tom Conzemius, John Wangberg, Al Zutz

Congratulations to Tim Hins who is our 2006 Player of the Year. The Player of the Year is the person with the most points earned during the year. Points are awarded for gift certificate dollars earned during certain club events. The top ten players are:

Player of the Year winner
Tim Hins
 1) Tim Hins - 257
 2) Chase Jackson - 239
 3) Al Zutz - 229
 4) Ed LeBeau - 215
 5) John Wangberg - 184
 6) Scott Curb - 173
 7) Tom Conzemius - 172
 8) Clint Cornell - 161
 9) Bob Kobilka - 158
 10) Pat Dooley - 156

Please remember that this Monday we plan to aeriate the greens which means the course will be closed all day. However, if it rains or is too wet we will have to push the process to Tuesday. Please check with the proshop for updates.

 • Monday, September 18th - Green Aerification
 • Tuesday, September 19th - Green Aerification Backup Day
 • Friday, September 29th - Boy's and Girl's Club Tournament
 • Saturday, October 7th - Member's Triple Event
 • Tuesday, October 10th - Annual Stockholder's Meeting
For a complete list of our events, visit our online calendar
  Paul Grovum
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