Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 09/21/06

The leaves have started to fall and the season is coming to an end, but there still is some good golf to play this year. I wanted to update everyone on the projects that will be going on this Fall.

By the time you read this hopefully the new walk bridge will be completed between 15 green and 16 tee. This was done because the old bridge was rotten and becoming a real hazard. It is being built with treated lumber so it should stand up to the elements for many years.

Two tee boxes will be repaired this Fall. The Red tee box on number 4, and the White/Blue tee on 14. The Red tee will be stripped of sod and leveled, so a temporary tee will be placed next to the current tee. The White/ Blue tee will be enlarged and added on to. Play will not be affected for the Whites, but the Blue tees will be moved forward until next Spring. Other tees may get some minor repairs, but none that should effect play.

In the locker rooms there is a hand out on trees. Please take a few moments and read about how trees should be pruned or trimmed. This is very important to all of us if we want to keep the trees that we have on the golf course healthy. So this year for the first time we are starting a tree program. A tree service will be starting here soon on trimming the trees, so please pardon the noise and inconvenience but it's a must.

One last thing. Please fix all ball marks and replace divots.
  Scott Tuomala - Greens Chairman

 • Friday, September 29th - Boy's and Girl's Club Tournament
 • Saturday, October 7th - Member's Triple Event
 • Tuesday, October 10th - Annual Stockholder's Meeting
 • Sunday, October 15th - Clubhouse Closes
 • Sunday, October 22nd - Golf Course closes
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