Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 9/23/08

I thought I should inform our membership of a decision I have made about doing a fall aerification on the greens. I have scheduled Monday and Tuesday, September 29th and 30th to aerate the greens, weather permitting. We will do 9 holes each day using the smallest tines 1/4", therefore, 9 holes will be open each day for play.

The aerification procedure itself, and when the best time to do it has always been an issue at our course and many courses in our region. It is a cultural practice that has to be done! The agronomic benefits of performing this practice are far too numerous to detail in this letter. I am sure the question will arise "Why do we have to go thru this again? The answer is that aerification strengthens the growing environment to withstand harsh winters and stressful summers, which we have had for the last few years.

Another factor in the need for more aerification is the demands the industry is putting on the putting surfaces for fast firm conditions. BTCC is now cutting the greens extremely low and rolling on a regular basis in an attempt to produce these conditions. This is all damaging to the turf and the growing environment, which makes the aerification procedure that much more crucial. We need to be proactive with sound proven methods that alleviate stress and create an environment to grow healthy turf.

I hope this short letter answers some of the questions in regards to the decision we have made to benefit our golf course for now and its future.

Tom Johanns