Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 09/29/05

From The President
Hello BTCC members - My last regular Board meeting as President was Wednesday night. This was a marathon session that went about 3 hours. We certainly covered a lot of territory. At least half the meeting concerned the Practice Facility project. Paul Welle, the long range committee chair attended. After lengthy debate, argument and discussion, the board unanimously authorized going forward with the project. Mr. Eric Niskanen has designed a very sound and logical facility for us. The rough estimate for the project is $83,000. There will be some additional costs related to new cart paths leading to the practice tees and parking/turnarounds at the tees. We hope to keep the cost well under the $100,000 price total. We looked at this project 4-5 years ago and estimates were in the $150,000 price range. We really feel this design is a bargain in today's world.

My argument has always been that improving the practice facility IS a major improvement to the golf course not a separate issue. If people wish to improve their games, they must practice. If we have a solid facility that provides feedback to practice, it will carry over onto the course. We will have Eric's plan on display in the clubhouse for members to see and discuss. We will be doubling the size of the putting green and the new portion will have contour like the greens on the course. The chipping green will be enlarged and areas around it made to conform to real BTCC situations. The driving range will leveled and lengthened and target greens added for a more useful practice session. We will be able to see a ball land at known distances rather then just banging away. An additional bunker will be added between the practice tees for fairway bunker practice and sloped mounds will allow practice of uphill/sidehill shots. This project will be paid for over 2 to 3 years utilizing the net cash flow that is generated. In examining the last few years' revenue numbers, we feel BTCC can make this happen. I am excited about this project and I hope the membership sees the advantages in these improvements.

Among the many other issues discussed was the need for a written Code of Conduct and Rules for BTCC. Many folks either don't know the rules and policies of BTCC or unfortunately choose to ignore them. We sincerely hope that by putting these things in writing it will eliminate problems between players and staff. It also will avoid the impression that a regulation was made up "on the spot" for some folks. We will begin this process soon and invite discussion and input.

Once again, I humbly thank all members for allowing me to serve as President this year. I do know it is impossible to please everyone but my mission was to keep members informed of BTCC business. I assure you that I attempted to conduct business in a manner that would benefit the largest majority of members. I also appreciate the fact that those of you who disagreed with me were thoughtful in your approach. As you know, I am very sensitive and always run away from controversy. Seriously, after 30 years in law enforcement, my skin has thickened just a bit. I hardly ever cry and run away anymore. Thank you again and I hope to see you at the Annual Meeting in October.
  -Steve Hagenah- President

Important Year End Information
 • The clubhouse will close on October 15th. Please remember that your food assessment credit can be used until the end of the year. There will be two events after the clubhouse closes for this opportunity; a Christmas Brunch and our New Year's Eve Dinner.
 • The golf course is scheduled to close on Sunday, October 23rd.
 • All proshop gift certificates need to be redeemed by October 23rd.
 • The Annual Stockholders Meeting is Tuesday, October 18th at 7:00 pm. All stockholders will receive a proxy within the next 10 days.
  -Paul Grovum

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