Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 10/01/07

Golfing colleagues, here it is October 1st already and we have just a few weeks of golfing left this year at Bemidji Town and Country Club. I hope you all have a chance to play a few more rounds this fall.

As most of you are probably aware, our annual meeting will be held the second Tuesday in October as spelled out in our bylaws. The meeting will be held at Bemidji Town and Country Club and it will begin at 7 PM sharp. The election proxies were mailed to all of our stockholders on September 26, 2007. If for some reason you are a stockholder (only stockholders have the right to vote) and did not receive one, please call the office to insure you have one and can vote. Prior to the mailings, we had two candidates for election to the board of directors. Their profiles were mailed with the proxies. All other stockholders interested in running for election to the board of directors please send in a brief profile similar to the one received. We will be able to hand those out at the annual meeting prior to our election process.

On a final note, our patch on our well pipe has held up to our watering demands.Tom Johanns and the greens committee have been diligently researching all of our water supply options. Their research and suggestions will be reviewed at the annual meeting.

In addition, I would like to recognize one of our members. Jim Humeniuk has graciously allowed BTCC to use his tree spade equipment to transplant approximately half of our trees from our tree farm to pre designated locations on our golf course. If we waited much longer, the trees would be too large and that would jeopardize their transplanting survival rate. Thank you Jim!

Gene R. Bakke
BTCC President