Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 10/09/06

How Did We Do?
It is that time of year when we move out of our summer-fun mode to buttoning-up fall mode. This is also true for the golf season, even though the clubhouse remains open for special events.

If you've been reading the newsletter articles, you may recall last January's article identifying six goals that the current board/committees would try to meet and base their decision making.

How did we do? Let's take a look at 2006 highlights for Bemidji Town & Country Club:

1. Practice Facility Project to Move Forward
- Completed and UNDER budget, will open Spring 2007 as planned

2. Increased Member Benefits & Events
- Contributed $400 (food) toward 2-day member club tournament
- Bookshelves in Ladies Locker Room available for book exchange
- Spring & Fall Triple Events
- David LaPour short game clinic
- Free lessons offered by BTCC staff to members
- Retirement Social for Paul Grovum
- Reduced percentage rate of dues increases over last several years
- Continued member-benefit package with purchase of annual membership
- Newsletters continued via email

3. Promotion of BTCC
- Increased Stay & Play package to include Ruttger's
- Developed Junior Program
- Fall Membership successful
- Media advertising to include: web-page, paper & radio
- Tournaments: Birchmont & Vandersluis both up in numbers
- Special Events - booked well into 2007-general public

4. Improve Controls on Cost
- Clubhouse Committee reduced capital budget from $30,000 to $10,000
- Greens Committee cut spending on equipment replacement
- Pro-Shop cut down on labor costs, continued rotation replacement of power carts
- Employees now have a Membership Account Number (similar to that of BTCC members) for tracking purposes
- New computer software installed for kitchen/clubhouse includes monitoring Inventories on-line
- Glycol System was put in place
- The Club remains on tract to be approximately $40,000 over our budgeted net income for 2006

5. Improve Employee Customer Service Skills
- Beverage Cart parked at #9 tee-box
- Half-way house staffed regularly

6. Continued Improvements in Overall Operation (course, proshop, clubhouse)
- Management Team in place for 2007 (Tom, Rick & Gretchen)
- Pro-Shop & inventories now owned by BTCC
- Tree Management Program is in place
- New and Edited "Guidelines/Policies" were adopted to guide for better decision making
- Course maintenance: cart paths repaired, tee-boxes leveled, water fountain cleaned-up, bridge repaired, and areas seeded as needed, drainage tile installed on #18 pond, yardage markers repainted, sand added to traps 3 & 8
- Half-way house stained
- Fencing Replaced along Country Club Road & near Half-way House (thanks to Paul Friesen who donated his time & equipment)
- Surge protectors put in place to protect from potential computer damage
- Parking lot resurfaced

So, how did we do? I hope you agree, this is more than a positive reflection for the managers at Bemidji Town & Country Club along with the board members who volunteer their time to best serve the needs at BTCC.

Personally, I want to thank Marshall Johnston who also served BTCC for the last three years. Even when he was out of town on work, he was never far away. I had three email addresses and a cell phone number. Poor Marshall!

As I'm sure you all would agree, nothing is accomplished alone. We had terrific board members this year who stepped up to the plate every time they were called upon. Scott Tuomala, Scott Hinners & Scott Robbins loyally served on the Greens Committee. Diane Fitzgerald and Scott Hinners pulling through on the combined Proshop, Marketing, & Tournament Committee, Gene Bakke who kept us all educated on the finances and Al Snider, Marshall Johnston & Paul Friesen who diligently served as the House Committee. Thank you, it was a delight to work with all of you.

To Paul Grovum, Tom Johanns, Gretchen Fjerstad, Rick Grand and all their support staff, thank you for your cooperation and dedication in running this ever changing, growing, and multi-faceted organization.

Wishing all of you a wonderful winter season and hope to see you again in the spring for another great year playing golf at Bemidji Town & Country Club and living a happy & healthy life in Northern Minnesota.

Margo Curb-Aitken
2006 President
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