Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 10/16/13

Fellow members of BTCC:

Our continued goal as a green committee is to work with the management of BTCC to insure they have the resources and support to produce a quality golf experience for our members and visitors to our course.

This year we experienced a situation that we had not seen prior in its' severity relative to crown hydration issues (dead poa grass) on our greens, snow scauld, and lack of warmer weather to get new grass growing early in the year, which resulted in the temporary greens and issues with other greens until grass seed, plugging, warmer weather, etc. was effective and greens started to heal.

We had a visit this year in June (at no charge) from the USGA . His response is available for your reading on the BTCC website. At that time his assessment as a USGA agronomist was the proper steps were in place relative to recovery. He as well as others in the golf course industry have numerous times recommended removal of trees that impact the exposure of our greens to the sun during all times of the year. We remove some trees each year because they are dying or dead and trim others that need trimming. We have also removed some trees that have been identified that limit the sun exposure to those areas where quality grass is desired. We will continue to identify and remove trees this fall that are identified as being negative towards sun exposure in particular those which effect Greens and Tees.

We had tasked our management staff to further identify options and costs that might prevent the issues of this year. As you might guess most of these (covers for all greens) come with a significant cost but still "no guarantee" of success. We have or will implement those efforts that make agronomic and financial sense (per the USGA report). Additionally the winter and early spring seasons will be monitored closely by management staff to further help insure a positive outcome next opener. As there are no guarantees for certain issues that mother presents, we had further tasked our management staff to identify timelines of response and actions should a similar severe weather issue happen again. Additionally we have improved the process used to determine when what we are doing is not working and what action will be taken next. So when we have another winter like last year we will be able to communicate to the memberships the timeline for action to be taken. We believe this information will help with member frustration concerning the course conditions and help our staff respond in a timely manner.

On a positive note, over the past couple of years we have implemented walk mowing of our greens to provide a better putting surface and this year we have added "the greens roller" which further assists with providing a smoother and quicker putting surface, as well as acquiring additional technology to insure green moisture is at the desired level to achieve desired outcome and again help produce the end product that our members are requesting as consistently possible. As you well know mother-nature holds a lot of the cards in the game and sometimes she wins despite our efforts.

We welcome any feedback you might have on any and all course maintenance issue. We hope to start a more consistent process of communication from this committee as we feel it's important to keep you informed of changes or enhancements that are made.

Your green committee members at this time are Bob Paine, Gary Rients, Pam Johnson, Scott Tuomala, Rick Grand, Tom Johanns, Paul Iverson, and Tom Conzemius.

Thank you---Green Committee