Bemidji Town & Country Club Online Newsletter - 12/03/07

Happy Holidays to Everyone!! Winter is now upon us, and for most, our golf club clubs are packed away. I have waited to send out an update on the pond expansion to see how far the project would get before winter set in.

Currently the project is about fifty percent completed. The pond has been expanded to a half acre. If you had the chance to stop and look at the expansion, this is the size the pond will now be. Currently there are large mounds of dirt along the pond in the parking lot. These will be removed in the spring and only act as a barrier for the winter so vehicles will not mistakenly drive into the pond.

There are two things that have to be completed in the spring to finish the project. One is the new wet pump has to be installed. This is the new pump system that will pump the water from the pond onto the course.

Second, a new irrigation pipe must be dug into place from the wet well out onto the course. This pipe will allow the ability to pump more gallons of water on the course than previously. This will be a helpful addition now, but a must in the future if a double row sprinkler system is to be added.

The plan in the spring is to turn the water back on with the old system. The course will be watered with the old system until the new pump is completed. I hope this answers the questions that many people have been asking. Everyone have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

-Scott Tuomala