The Bemidji Town & Country Club
December 2002

Presidents Report
    We had a great year at Bemidji Town and Country Club, even though it was a late spring. The remodeling of the clubhouse and kitchen is complete. Tom has the additional storage that he needs and the sewer project is complete. Thanks to Steve Hill for his leadership this past year. There was an awful lot accomplished.
    Taking on the responsibility of club president will not be that difficult with Paul in charge of all facets of our club, and with Gretchen, Tom and Rick it should be a snap! Keep in mind the club continues to thrive even though this is not the same story around the country.
    Your board had its first meeting of the New Year in November. We have a board with a wealth of knowledge and diverse background. With this leadership we should continue to do very well. Keep in mind, with size of our operation, the board will be meeting monthly with adhoc committee meetings when needed. Thank you board members for you time and knowledge. Ask yourself why you play golf at the Bemidji Town and Country Club? I have a few reasons and I'm sure there's a lot more.
      1. The ability to breathe fresh air while walking down beautifully groomed green fairways. Perhaps, we enjoy it the most after enduring the long, cold winters. No words can express the pure joy of that first round of golf in the early spring. I've never figured out why 45 degrees in the spring always feels warmer than the same temperature in the fall.
      2. Hitting the perfect shot, although rarely achieved, will light up the face of any golfer.
      3. Where else can you walk for four hours totally oblivious of the heat or cold, or the fact that you are actually exercising and wanting more, realizing you're approaching the 18th hole?
      4. Golfers love the feel of their clubs.
      5. Sitting with your buddies in the clubhouse after the match, sipping a cold beverage and reliving your game is the perfect ending to the most difficult game I know. Already anticipating the next game, we all walk out to the parking lot thinking of ways we can improve our game.
Pat Dooley-President

From The Pro-Shop
    Enclosed with this newsletter is your dues schedule for 2003. There are no major changes for next season with dues increasing 5% and the food assessment remaining the same. If you return the dues form with full payment before February 15, 2003, you receive a 3% discount with cash/check or 2% with credit card. Visit our member's site at if you need help in calculating the amounts or for online payment.
    The new addition to the clubhouse is really looking nice. New furniture, which arrived in November, is a major improvement to the room. Numerous old photos of the course have been framed and are now hanging on the walls in the addition. This past fall a photographer for the Minnesota Golfer (the magazine our members receive from the MGA) took some wonderful photographs of our course, some of which will be in a spring 2003 addition of the magazine. We purchased a couple of these photos and had them enlarged and framed. They also are a wonderful addition to the room. As Gretchen has mentioned before, it is our goal to make this area as appealing as the rest of the facility.
    I would also like to thank Steve Hill, Carl Baer and all of the others who contributed so generously to the piano fund. We now own a beautiful Yamaha acoustic piano which we're sure will get lots of use. This piano was donated in memory of Roger Stubbins.
    If you have a question regarding either your membership or booking clubhouse activities, our office hours at the club are 9:00-4:00 pm Monday-Friday.
    Have a happy Holiday Season!
Paul Grovum

Greetings from the Clubhouse
    December looks to be a stellar month for the clubhouse. Our Christmas parties are well underway and the clubhouse is filled with cheer. My staff and I are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas season.
    I am pleased to announce that we have promoted Sue Mathson to Assistant Clubhouse Manager. Sue has been with the Country Club for the past four years and will continue to be an asset to our team. Jamie Mokros has taken over full responsibility in the kitchen. Jamie has been with the country club for the past two years and played a major role in our unique evening specials. Jamie looks to enhance our menu with new and different items.
    Something to look forward to this winter is our monthly Sunday Brunch and Monthly Theme Dinners. The dates are as follows. Sunday Brunch January 12th, February 9th, March 9th. Our Theme Dinners are Friday January 24th, (Italian Night) Saturday February22nd, (Southern Night) Friday March 14th, (Seafood Night). We will be mailing out more information as these dates approach.
    You should have received your invitation to our 2nd Annual New Years Eve Party. Make plans to attend as it will be a wonderful evening.
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Gretchen Fjerstad -Clubhouse Manager

Greens Committee Report
    As reported at the Annual Meeting, our aggressive 2002 objectives and projects program was, for the most part, a resounding success. Tom and his staff did a nice job in accomplishing what we had planned. We were able to improve our fairway and rough definition. We removed the old cart paths surrounding #7 green. We improved the appearance around the halfway house. We were able to improve the consistency of our bunkers and were able to finish the sand replacement program started by previous committees. We were also able to improve our green speed and consistency, but we feel we can even do better.
    As we look to the new season, we will, again, be looking for projects to enhance our facility. In the next few months we will create a list of goals and objectives that we will work on for the 2003 season. We look forward to working with Tom and his staff to make our course even better on a day-to-day basis. We plan to finish the long-term plan for course improvements and renovations and submit it to the long-range planning committee for implementation. We have a hard working and dedicated committee working for you and are always open to your suggestions and comments.
    We look forward to that day in April when we can throw a peg in the ground and let 'er fly!