The Bemidji Town & Country Club

Happy New Year Golfers
     Well, the holidays have past and winter will fly by and then we can start yelling "fore" again. The board is busy preparing for the upcoming season. We welcome Dave Hancock, Steve Hill, and Gary Johnson who were elected at the Annual Meeting last October. Thanks to retiring board members, Bob Fitzgerald, Eric Niskanen, and Bob Strand for all of their help over their 3-year terms. A complete list of board members and their committee assignments will follow at a later date. The board is working with Tom Johanns, our superintendent to improve the current watering system, which is in dire need of an upgrade and facelift. Also the house committee is involved with clubhouse concerns and improvements. More will follow on that subject.
Think Spring,
Rod Pickett

     The warm weather we have been experiencing so far is certainly going to make this winter seem short. We should be back on the course in only three months. Tom and his staff are already preparing for the upcoming season.
      Enclosed with this newsletter you will find a 2000 dues schedule. There are only minor changes for 2000. The dues increase for this year is approximately 5% for all categories with the food assessment remaining the same as in 1999. We've also included on the dues schedule the ability to indicate if you are storing clubs in the pro-shop.
      The rules regarding twilight membership remain the same for 2000 with play only allowed after 3:00 pm. Before Memorial Day and after Labor Day you may play at any time on weekdays only.
      I would also like you to note that if you pay your membership in full before February 15, you may take a 2% discount on the total amount. Credit cards may be used when applying this discount.
      I would like to remind everyone to provide your email address when filling out the form. Last year we sent out email letters frequently to keep our members current on news at the club. I will also be posting important information for our members only at a new web address at More information will be provided in future newsletters.

      We currently have a limited number of small lockers in the men's locker room available to rent for the 2000 season. As everyone knows, the men's locker room received major renovation in 1998. All of the large lockers are already spoken for and once the small ones are rented, we will start a waiting list. You may indicate locker rental on the dues schedule.

      This year's green fees remain the same as in 1999 at $40.00 for 18 holes during weekdays and $45.00 for 18 holes during weekends. The 18-hole cart rate for members is $24.00 while the rate for non-members is $26.00. We are planning on purchasing an additional 4 or 5 electric, canopied golf cars for 2000.
      If you have any questions, our winter office number is 759-9411 (Elliott Accounting). You may also send any inquiries to my e-mail address at Our new office manager, Sherry Smith can assist you with any of your billing or dues-related questions. If necessary, you can also reach me at home.
      Have a great winter and see you in the spring!
Paul Grovum