The Bemidji Town & Country Club
July 2003

   If you haven't had a chance to look at changes that are taking place, please look at the drawings in the clubhouse. These drawings are set up on an easel in the Atrium. The project has already started and will be done in two phases. Once completed, I'm sure you will be very pleased. We have in place a very beautiful golf course, a clubhouse and restaurant that rates as one of the best, and with the completion of the surroundings around the clubhouse, we should all feel very proud of our club!
   Keep in mind with changes that are being made, that this is reviewed very closely by your Board of Directors and done in the best interest of you the members. Thanks for all your support as we move forward.
Pat Dooley-President

   The Board has asked the proshop to be more vigilant in enforcing the 3-round rule that has been in effect for many years. This rule prohibits anyone who has a mailing address in the Bemidji Trade Area from paying green fees more than 3 times during the period from Memorial Day to Labor Day. We will be monitoring this as close as possible and ask our members to not only enforce the rule with your local guests but to also inform us of any possible infractions.

   Lately, we have been having members making tee times on Thursdays and only showing up with 2 players. We will no longer make tee times for 2-somes on Thursdays and if you have players that cancel from your group, please notify us before coming out.

   Our 79th Annual Birchmont is only a few weeks away. This year's tournament will be held Monday-Saturday, July 28-August 2. The entry fee for members is reduced to $125.00 for championship divisions and $110.00 for other flights. Detailed information can be found on our website at:

   I want to thank Tim Dondelinger and Dondelinger Chevrolet-Buick for their support of this year's Buick Scramble.
   Our event was held on Saturday, June 28 with 68 players competing to advance to the sectional. The team of Paul Daman, Rich Toninato, Peg Dow and Mike Amble captured low net with a score of 54. After a 6-hole playoff, the team of Jim Daman, Tom Daman, Rob Raitz and Al Snider captured low gross with a 58 by defeating the team of Joe Aitken, Paul Welle, Bob Johnson and Amanda Johnson.
   Congratulations to both teams! They will join Rick and myself at The Pines in Brainerd on August 6th.

   Congrulations to our Tuesday Nite winners during the month of June: Fred Neff-Paul Friesen, Gary Cartwright-Tim Gullickson, Rick Curb-Pat Knoer, Doug Garrigan-John Countryman and John Wangberg-Mike Tangen.

   This year's 11th Annual Bemidji Pro-Am will be held on Monday, July 14 with a 9:30 Shotgun. Though most of the professionals playing will be bringing their own amateur teams, a limited number of amateurs will be needed to fill vacant spots. If you are interested, a sign-up is posted with entrants taken on a first-come basis. The entry fee for members is $50.00
Paul Grovum

   July is already upon us and we are hoping everyone is enjoying their summer so far.
   June was a very exciting month in the clubhouse where we hosted events ranging from a breakfast for retired highway patrolmen, the annual Skaar tournament, many luncheons, to six large wedding receptions. We continue to get very positive feedback on our events regarding the facility, the service and the quality of food so we are feeling confident that all of our hard work is paying off! Many hours of planning, coordinating and setting up are invested in each event and it is great when our guests appreciate the effort.
   The Atrium is being used on a very regular basis and has proved to be a great asset to the clubhouse. It is ideal for private meetings, luncheons and dinners. It has also proved to be invaluable on evenings when the rest of the clubhouse is closed for a large event. We continue to urge all members to come in for dinner as full menu service is provided and we are staffing servers, bartenders and cooks just to serve the atrium.
   July will be another big month with many events scheduled including the Ladies Invitational on the 9th, the Member Classic on the 12th, and the Birchmont kicking off on the 28th. Also be on the lookout for information on a member's event planned for Friday July 18th. It is still in the planning stages but is sure to be a good time that we hope many members will attend.
   Please feel free to stop in or call anytime to voice any concerns you may have or to let us help you plan a party that you would like to have here at the clubhouse.
   Have a great month and hope to see all of you in the Clubhouse!
Gretchen Fjerstad-Clubhouse Mgr

   Tom and his staff have done a wonderful job getting our course into top playing condition. We want to maintain this standard of excellence but we need the assistance of every player in our club. We are continuing to find that some players either don't know how or don't care to fix ball marks on the greens. We are begging everyone to repair a ball mark or two every time they get onto the putting surface. If you don't know the proper technique to repair a ball mark, ask the staff in the proshop to give you a demonstration. They will more than happy to show you. If you don't have a divot tool, get one. They are as important as a tee. Please help us out!!!
   We have begun a process of removing the stones from the bunkers. We realize the damage and risk factor of nailing one of those rocks. Many players are under the impression that we are using inferior materials for our bunkers. This is not true. These rocks work their way up from the ground during the frost/freeze cycles of the winter months. We are aware of the problem and we are taking steps to deal with it. On a side note, be certain to rake the bunkers after each time you've been in one. It's part of the game!! If you are playing a round late in the evening you still must rake the bunkers. They are not power-raked by Tom's staff daily. So if you don't rake, that first person the next morning will not be happy because of your oversight.
   We received a note from the Golf Course Superintendents Association concerning a "noroviris" outbreak at a local golf course in Arizona where a teenager died. The problem stems from the sanitation methods involved with the filling and maintaining of the ice-filled water dispensers on the golf course. It has led to numerous states banning the use of such containers. Last night the board of directors made the decision to remove the water jugs from the course. The half way house and beverage cart will provide the only water on the course. You may fill personal water containers from the drinking fountain located in the clubhouse.
   Have a great July!! Join us for the Birchmont or the Member Classic.
   Remember: Replace your divot --- Fix your ball mark --- Keep up with the group in front of you!!!
Bob Kobilka-Greens Chairperson

   The responsibility of tree management is an important aspect of golf course maintenance. Trees can be a very controversial issue. There are individuals that believe the course has too many trees already, while others think that we should be on a continuing program of adding more.
   In the early 90's, BTCC embarked on a program of adding trees to the course. This was primarily done to fill gaps and frame holes created by the new construction done the previous years. Recently, with the exception of seedlings transplanted from our nursery we have not done a considerable amount of tree planting. I believe we need to address this for the following reasons:
 • On average we lose 20-30 trees a year as a result of storm damage, disease, or other environmental reasons.
 • Occasionally, as with the 2 trees on 14 men's tee, we have to remove trees to help create the proper environment to grow grass on a tee or green.
 • We need to be proactive in incorporating a population of trees that will do well in our climate and soil conditions.
 • Diversity is an important aspect of our selections in avoiding a mono-stand of trees that could be wiped out by disease such as Dutch Elm and Oak Wilt that hit many areas in the 80's - 90's.
   Hopefully, in this article I have addressed some of the more important aspects of having a tree replacement program and the criteria that needs to be considered in making our decision.
Tom Johanns-Superintendent