The Bemidji Town & Country Club
June 2000

     I want to bring you up to date on something that we as a Board of Directors feel is very important to our golf course at this time. We as members and golfers need to make a concentrated effort to take care of our beautiful course. I know the vast majority of you always repair your ball marks and replace your divots and for that we thank you. Still, when I walk on a green I always seem to find ball marks that were not repaired and as I walk up the fairways I also see divots that have not been fixed. So, during the week of June 5th - 11th we are naming that week "Course Awareness Week". We ask that all members, guests, and players make a concentrated effort to do everything possible to keep our course the most beautiful course in Northern Minnesota. We all know what needs to be done, let's do it that week and continue the tradition throughout the summer. Let's see if it makes a difference. Scott Curb will have some further ideas on this matter.
     The clubhouse is beautiful now and the dock is second to none. The TV is a hole in one! Let's also make a conscious effort to treat Gretchen and her crew with our utmost courtesy. If you feel something needs to be mentioned, please talk to Gretchen directly, not the employee.
     Happy to report business is improved over last year and I am looking forward to lowering my handicap, if that is at all possible.
     Hit 'em Straight,
Your President - Rod Pickett

     Congratulations to recent winners of the Tuesday Nite Events. The winning teams consisted of; Dave Hancock-Rod Pickett, Jim Mergens-Jon Sand, Mitch Knutson-Jim Sutton, Fulton Gallagher-Irv Rotto, Fred-Neff-Jim Fink, Dave Vogel-Gary Vogel, Jay Wilimek-Dennis Burgess, Todd Lagergren-Ken Pankow, Dave Morris-(proxy). These teams will join the rest of the winners from Tuesday Night in our Tournament of Champions held the end of August.
     The pairings for the Season Long Best-Ball and Season Long Club Championship (championship divisions-both open and seniors) are now posted in the pro-shop. Please check to see who you are playing and have the first match arranged before the deadline date.

TEE TIMES      We are having a problem with our members NOT canceling their tee times when they are not going to play. On many occasions we could have sold those times and consequently lost revenue. Please call us when you are not going to make your tee time. Also, we need to know the number of players you are going to have. If you made a tee time and are going to have fewer players than you signed up for, please let us know

     Our popular Oldsmobile Scramble, sponsored by Spaulding Motors, will be held on Saturday, June 24 with a 9:00 am shotgun. The entry fee is $50.00 and all players receive a free dozen balls (non-members must pay green fees). There are specific guidelines for making your teams and both men and women can play. You must have two members in your group and ALL players MUST have a current handicap card. See the pro-shop for more details.

     Our Second Annual Member Classic is scheduled for Saturday, July 8. Because of the huge popularity of the event last year, we are going to have two shotguns for 2000; a 1:30 pm and an 8:30 am. The entry fee is $15.00 per player and the format is 2 person best-ball with 90% handicap. You are allowed to choose your partner, however, the pro-shop will make all foursome pairings. Remember that this event is open to ALL adult members and we encourage women to sign up. Since your handicaps will be used, everyone will have an equal chance of winning some of the great prizes. We will have other special games and a wonderful meal included after play. The sign-up for this event will be posted in the pro-shop June 10th. SIGN UP EARLY to assure the time that you want to play

     Please remember that effective Thursday, June 8th, summer rules are in effect. This applies to all regular play as well as club events.
Paul Grovum

     Just a little reminder on fixing ballmarks. Statistics show that the average number of ballmarks made on greens per round is 12 per golfer. Assuming only 150 rounds are played each day at Bemidji Town & Country Club, the greens receive a minimum of 1,800 impressions daily; or more than 54,600 ballmarks per month! If you are wondering how to make a putt under these conditions, please pitch in and make an effort to fix your ballmarks and that of one other. I am confident it will make conditions more enjoyable for yourself and your fellow golfer.
Thank you.
Tom Johanns

     The ladies division is off and running with an event calendar "hopefully" to please everyone. All of our Wednesday and Monday league days have games and rules all in place and copies given to members.
We have entered the cyber age with all our pairings being done by computer according to handicaps and cart use. It should be a fun year.
     Our new board has been busy with upcoming activities the first being our invitational that will be held June 21. Please pick up your registration sheet in the pro shop.
On Wednesdays when we do not have a shot gun, a block of tee times have been set aside from 8:00 to 9:30 (this is a change). Ladies please try and fill these tee times
. Quote of the month: "I'd give up golf if I didn't have so many sweaters."
Margo Curb-Aitken & Betty Douglas

Greetings from the Clubhouse!
     May was a very busy and successful month for the Clubhouse. We are confident that June will be just as productive if not more so than May was. We currently have two weddings booked on the 3rd and the 24th, the Skaar on the 16th, Ladies Invitational on the 21st, and the Olds Scramble on the 24th.
     We have heard many good compliments on the beautiful renovation of the bar, the generous gift of a big screen T.V. for our lounge, and our new dock. We are still anxiously anticipating the arrival of the new furniture. Unfortunately there were some delays, but we should have the furniture here before we know it. All of these changes will help us to entice our loyal guests as well as create a new image for our new guests.
     We, the clubhouse staff, continue to do our best to serve you our members. We are looking forward to the season finally getting underway. Any questions or comments be sure to let us know.
     See you in the Clubhouse!
Gretchen Fjerstad

     I want to remind our junior members that they are not allowed to make tee times. They may play with their parents who have made a time or we will work them onto the course as open times permit. Also, they should not be on the premises before noon on Wednesday and after 11:00 am on Thursday (other than on the course on Thursday).      We have not yet finalized our plans for a junior golf league for our members. Please call the pro-shop for the latest details.      I would encourage our junior members to visit the Minnesota PGA Junior website at: for some terrific opportunities