The Bemidji Town & Country Club
June 2003

   Last Saturday I had the opportunity to play with a golfer who had just come back from Scotland and played on all the great golf courses. This was his first trip to Bemidji. I invited him to play with Monte Hegg and myself. After completing our round, his comment was, "If I was going to rate this course, it would be excellent". Speaks for it self !!!    Your board has decided to move ahead with site development, which will include solutions for a number of related internal and external problems. These include cart staging area, club storage, improve the visual and functional effect around the main entrance, (this will meet ADA requirements), and the putting green. This project will further enhance the beauty of our Bemidji Town and Country Club.    Your board has worked very hard on this project, with many hours spent reviewing the architects plans and the budget. It all looks good !! Your board continues to meet each month with many sub-committee meetings that take place before each board meeting. Pat Dooley-President

   The Buick Scramble is fast approaching as we near our Saturday, June 28 start.
   Information and sign-up is available in the proshop. Make sure you pick up one of the rules cards to make sure your team is eligible. This year you MUST have at least 8 scores posted within the last year and MUST have a current handicap index.
   I want to thank Tim Dondelinger and Dondelinger Chevrolet-Buick for their support.

   Our 5th Annual Member Classic is scheduled for Saturday, July 12. We will be having two shotguns; 1:30 pm and 8:30 am. The entry fee is $25.00 per player and the format is 2-person best-ball with 90% handicap. You are allowed to choose your partner, however, the pro-shop will make all foursome pairings. Remember that this event is open to ALL adult members and we encourage women to sign up.
   Since your handicaps will be used, everyone will have an equal chance of winning some of the great prizes. We will have other special games and a wonderful meal included after play.
   The sign-up for this event will be posted in the pro-shop June 15th. SIGN UP EARLY to assure the time that you want to play

   Our new Junior Program for junior members age 10-15 starts Monday, June 9th at 7:30. The first hour will include instruction with 9 holes of supervised golf to follow. The cost for this program is $10.00 per session. There must be a minimum of 3 kids and is open to both boys and girls.
   Kids can just show up at 7:30 and pay at that time. No advance registration required. Other dates for this program are June 16, July 7 and July 21. If the program is popular we will continue in to August.

   This year's 11th Annual Bemidji Pro-Am will be held on Monday, July 14 with a 9:30 Shotgun. Though most of the professionals playing will be bringing their own amateur teams, a limited number of amateurs will be needed to fill vacant spots. If you are interested, a sign-up is posted with entrants taken on a first-come basis. The entry fee for members is $50.00

   The Season Long Best-Ball pairings are now available in the proshop or you can view the results and pairings on our members website at

   Mark down Friday, July 18th on your calendar. We are planning on having a dinner party in the clubhouse for members along with live music. Details on this event will be posted in the clubhouse.

   Everyone has had a chance to see the new club statement format and so far the number of questions is reduced from last year. Rather than showing numerous credits for amounts applied to your food assessment, the statement shows one credit at the end. Remember that only food charges apply to your food assessment. Sales tax and gratuity on these sales does not apply. The balance of your food assessment is shown at the bottom of the statement. As always, if you have any questions please contact Sharon our office manager.
   We have had comments about sending out statements for small amounts; sometimes for only $.01. We have two reasons for doing this; to show you the activity of your account during the month AND to mail you the newsletter. So it doesn't cost the club anymore to send these out. We have no problem with you waiting an extra month to pay your bill if it is only a few dollars.

   After 4 years of determining our Club Champion with a season-long match play format, we are going back to stroke play. The Club Championship will be a 2-day event on Saturday and Sunday, August 16 and 17. We are considering adding a net division to this tournament. Watch for more details in the August Newsletter.

   Occasionally we send out emails to our members on important upcoming events and other notifications. We try and keep our database up to date. If you have not been receiving these emails, you can add your name to our database by visiting our members website at The place to add your email is down about half way on the left.

   We are taking registrations in the proshop for this year's Birchmont Tournament held July 28-August 2. I would recommend all members who are interested in playing to reserve a teetime ASAP. Entry forms are available in the proshop or you can register online at Members receive a discount of $50 for Championship flights and $40 for regular flights.

   Congratulations to our Tuesday Nite winning teams of: Terry Johnson-Rick Curb, Terry Holter-Mark Bloomquist, Rod Pickett-Dave Hancock, Don Campbell-Tim Hins, Kevin Hegg-Monte Hegg, Tom Conzemius-Gary Johnson, Paul Snider-Al Snider, Jim Haugstul-Kevin Geerdes, Tom Conzemius-Craig Boyer, Rob Noren-Proxy.
   Also congratulations to Jim Haugstul who aced the 14th hole on May 2 with a 5-iron. He was playing with Charles Moore.
Paul Grovum

   The clubhouse staff and management would once again like to welcome back all of the members for another great season of golf and good times! We are looking forward to providing you with a relaxing atmosphere and a great dining experience, both casually after a round of golf and for fine dining in the evening with your guests.
   As expected, June is shaping up to be a very exciting month. The Annual Skaar Tournament will be held on the 20th, and many wedding receptions will be on Friday and Saturday evenings. BTCC has become Bemidji's hottest spot for groups to get together, so we also have many other banquets and events lined up. If you are wondering where to have your next gathering or celebration, consider us to host it for you! Contact Sue or myself to schedule your party and to assist you in working out the details. Also remember that the Atrium is always available with full menu service when our Clubhouse is closed for an event.
   As mentioned last month we have many returning staff members in addition to the new staff. Our new people are finding BTCC a very enjoyable atmosphere to work in and we are striving to train them to provide a level of excellence in service that will leave all diners satisfied and happy that they chose our establishment for their lunch or dinner. Please join us in welcoming them to our team!
   We have a goal to provide the best service possible on the course as well as in the Clubhouse. The Half-way House has seen many improvements this year and we urge you to take advantage of the service it provides. We carry as many products as is possible and try to schedule hours so that refreshment is always available.
   Our beverage cart is also there to provide you with the most convenient service possible. Of course, considering available space on the cart not all products are available, but everything possible is. There has been suggestions by some members that the beverage cart remain stationary so as not to bother the golfers with the noise and distraction so we are experimenting with just parking it at hole #9 green, as another stopping point for refreshment rather than as a mobile unit. Please feel free to provide us with some feedback on this issue so that the greatest number of members' opinions can be considered in the decision on mobile vs. stationary.
   Father's Day is approaching and we are planning to have some wonderful specials to celebrate. Consider us as a place to have dinner that day, while you are honoring the father in your life. Reservations are recommended to ensure the best seating possible. Have a great June!
Gretchen Fjerstad-Clubhouse Mgr

   At the time of this writing, we are well on our way in recovering from this past winter's damage. If we continue to get some warm days and nights, the healing process will progress very fast and we should be in great shape soon.
   I now have all my staff back, so from this point on their will be a continual improvement in the fine-tuning aspects of maintenance. Day to day grooming will increase, a number of projects such as stump grinding, bench repair, bunker edging and painting will take place in the up-coming month.
   You might have noticed the greens committee made a decision to resurrect the old #15 tee, to the left of #14 pro tee. This was determined to be by the need for more teeing area on #14. The existing #14 pro tee is to small for the amount of play it receives. We felt that this would be the best method for spreading the wear around, and being able to have quality turf conditions on both tees.
Tom Johanns-Superintendent

   News from the Ladies League
   The season is underway for Monday night and Wednesday morning Ladies League play. Monday night tee times are between 5:00 and 5:30. Monday is a "pay as you play" league and costs $4.00 for 9 holes of golf. If you prefer to play 18 holes on Monday, you can make a tee time between 3:00 and 3:30 to play 18, but only the first 9 holes count toward prizes. Monday night is open for all BTCC ladies. This is a great opportunity to meet and play with other BTCC women.
   We had a good showing for the Wednesday morning spring opener on May 21st. There is still time to sign up for Wednesday play if you haven't done so yet. Membership is $25.00 for the season. If you are interested, contact Annette Theroux at 751-3373. Tee times on Wednesday morning are between 8:00 and 9:30. A list of the games is available in the Ladies Locker Room.
   Plans are well underway for the BTCC Ladies Invitation on July 9th. The Invitational is medal play and should be a great time for all Ladies from Northern Minnesota. There are many fun games, a delicious meal and great prizes planned. The registration fee is only $25.00 for BTCC members and $35.00 for non-members. Registration forms are available in the ladies locker room. We hope to see you there!
Annette Theroux, Chair

   I hope everyone has had a chance to repair a divot or two over the past month. We realize that repair of the ball marks on the green has been a bit tough because the greens have been a little firm. Mother nature is starting to help us out there with a more frequent rainfall.
   Due to the fact that we did not have ideal recovery conditions, we decided to forego greens aerification for this spring. We are researching a couple of different options for the summer. We hope to "deep tyne" the greens twice over the course of the summer. This will result in little or no interuption in play. We have received a bid of $2500 to do the work, but we may be able to purchase an attachment for our own equipment and do the work ourselves.
   Tom has received two new "state of the art" greens mowers for this season. He is very pleased with the way they are working. These two mowers were $25,000 each. Tom and his staff appreciate the support the club has given to them by supplying the best equipment to do their work.
   The estimates on the range are starting to come together and we are trying to settle on a time-line that would allow us to upgrade the facility with the least amount of inconvenience to the users. More information will be available in the coming months.
   Have a great June and remember:
   your divots.....Repair your ball marks.....and Keep up with the group in front of you.
Bob Kobilka