The Bemidji Town & Country Club
May 2001

    Hopefully, by now you have had a chance to get out and play. The course has come through the winter in great condition.
    The remodeling project is now complete and I hope everybody likes the finished project.
    Once again I would like to thank everybody for the encouragement and confidence shown to us. We tried to do the best job for the club and it's members. We also realize we would only get one chance to do it right. Hopefully you all agree!
Scott Curb-President

    Bemidji Town & Country Club will again be working with the DNR officials in conduction a controlled burn on the Country Club / State Park property line. This is the second burn conducted in this area with the previous one completed in the spring of 1999. The purpose of this burn is to eliminate Hazelbrush and other undesirable species, and restore and maintain the Pine / Oak Forest. Upon completion of the burn, the State Park will reforest their acreage with Red and White Pine seedlings and has donated 3000 seedlings for the Country Club to plant on our property.
    As with the previous burn, their will, no doubt, be questions raised about the severity and charred appearance of the burned areas. I have been assured that this burn will have less of a negative visual impact, as there are less large fuels to deal with this second time around. Should any of you have questions about this procedure, feel free to call me, and I would be happy to provide you with more information.
Tom Johanns-Course Superintendent

    There is one major change on your club statement this year. This year ONLY food charges are allowed against your food assessment. Beverages, liquor, beer, candy & chips and gratuities are not allowed. Only prepared food and bakery items can be applied to this credit. You are also billed for any sales tax which is the same as last year.

    Our annual Old's Scramble, which is sponsored by Spaulding Motors, is scheduled for Saturday, June 23 at 9:00. This has become one of the big events of the year. Pick up a brochure in the pro-shop for further details.

    We invite you to join in the fun in our Friday Night Couple's events. Now in our fifth season, these events will start Friday, May 25 and continue each Friday throughout the summer. Tee-times will begin at 5:30 with a different 9-hole event each week. Cost is $5.00 per couple and the pro-shop will make all pairings. Make sure you call and sign up before noon on Friday so we can have the pairings and times available. All players MUST have a current handicap.
    This year we will be having three Sunday Couples 1:30 Shotgun Events. The dates are June 3, July 1 and August 19.

    I would like to remind all of our junior members that they are not allowed at the course on either Wednesday mornings (Ladies Day) or Thursday afternoon (Men's Day). They may use the range or course after 6:00 pm on Thursday only if their parent accompanies them.
    Also, juniors will not be allowed to participate in our Tuesday Nite League.
    Student members are reminded that they cannot play on Thursday afternoons.

$10.00 COUPONS
    We will again be giving each adult member five, $10.00-off green fee discount tickets. These tickets are good for the entire season on 18-hole rounds (excluding the summer twilight rates) and are available upon your request in the pro-shop.

    All players who post their score for handicap purposes MUST adjust their score before posting it. If your handicap is 9 or less the maximum score you are allowed on any hole is a double bogey. If your handicap is 10-19 your maximum is a 7. 20-29 can only count scores of 8 or less; 30-39 can only count 9 or less. If you have any questions, please ask someone in the proshop.

    In addition to the $10.00 coupons, we are again offering coupon books members can purchase and use for their guests. We currently have available in the pro-shop coupon books for $175 good for 5 - 18 hole rounds of golf. This compares with the regular price of 5 rounds for $225 (weekend rate). The only stipulation is that a member must be playing with the guest and that the coupons are used this season.

    We have had reports that players are driving golf cars too close to the greens and tee areas. All golf cars should be kept at least 30 feet from the greens and remain on the cart paths around the greens and tees. Also, please try to keep your golf cars on the cart paths on all of the par 3's.

    There are still a few members who have not filled out their membership form for 2001. I want to remind you that until the form is completed, you will be billed for all food charges rather than having them applied to your food assessment.
Paul Grovum-Golf Professional

    All ladies should have received your schedule by now for 2001 and are anxious to begin our league play. Our Wednesday time slot when we are not running the shotgun start will be from 8:00 to 9:30. The Monday 18 hole players will tee off between 2:30 and 3:30 and the 9 hole players 5:15 to 5:45. You must play during league times to be in the games.
    Remember our league opener buffet on May 19 at 9:30 with golf to follow between 10:15 and 11:15. You must make your own tee times. The game for the day and details will be posted in the pro shop.
    "Trousers may be worn by women golfers on the course, but must be taken off on entering the clubhouse." (English Golf Sign, 1907)
Betty Douglas/Pam Johnson Co-Chairs

    Greetings from the Clubhouse!
    May is finally here and my staff and I are enjoying the beautiful spring weather so far and hope that it will continue.
    With May here the Clubhouse staff is gearing up for a very busy and productive month. Our calendar is very busy with Men's Opening Stag, Our Grand Opening Party, Ladies League Opener, and let us not forget our Scrumptious "Mother's Day Buffet" on Sunday May 13th. Please call ASAP to make your reservations. The reservation book is filling up fast!
    We will be starting May with a limited spring menu. Our full menu will be available in a couple of weeks. We are lucky to have so many returning employees, which ensures that the new year will start off well.
    Thank you for everyone's patience and support during this remodeling project. We are thrilled to have such a wonderful working environment. As always we promise to do our best.
See you in the Clubhouse!
Gretchen Fjerstad-Clubhouse Manager

    The fundraising guru's work will soon be ending, and again we would like to thank everyone who supported the construction project for the women's locker room. We have a limited number of lockers left, so please get your support in before May 15th. After seeing the clubhouse, many of you may still want to make a donation. This is wonderful, but we cannot guarantee a locker after the 15th. Also, individuals getting a locker, return your name plate to the proshop for installation.
    Again, THANK YOU for your support. We now have a beautiful club house to match our beautiful golf course. Thank You to Scott Curb and Steve Hill for a project well done and to Gretchen and her task force in getting the clubhouse open for the season.
The Fundraising Gurus
Sylvia Wildgen, Rosie Drahos and Margo Curb