Bemidji Town & CC - May 2003 Newsletter

   The golf season has started and the course is looking GREAT! The clubhouse is looking TERRIFIC! The pro shop is now stocked with a full line of just about anything you need.
   Your board continues to meet monthly to review the budget and work with Paul, Gretchen and Tom. As of this month everything is looking very good. Our membership is also looking very solid. If you have any concerns or any questions about what's happening at your golf course, please either contact Paul or myself. Right now we are very fortunate to have such an excellent staff. See you at the course !!
Pat Dooley-President

   Greetings from the clubhouse:
   It has been very nice to see everyone again after the long winter and we are awaiting the return of more snowbirds as the weather gets warmer.
   After a very busy winter, the clubhouse opened on April 15th as planned. With Jamie Mokros as our kitchen manager and an addition of three experienced cooks our menu items and daily lunch and dinner specials have a new and exciting flair which we know is sure to please all. Jamie has expanded our dinner menu to include more seafood, steak, chicken and pasta choices to ensure a pleasurable dining experience. We also have many returning staff members along with some new faces who all strive to bring you the ultimate in service!
   Our banquet calendar is filling up daily, with many events scheduled this summer. Please remember that if our clubhouse is closed for an event, the atrium is always open for member us with full menu service available.
   Stop in and see our new furniture in the atrium as you will find it to be quite an inviting area to dine. We have done some decorating in there as well and have added some state of the art media on which to watch the golf tournaments or whatever sporting event you wish.
   We are also excited about our new take-out menu and have enclosed a menu with this newsletter.
   As always I appreciate your comments and suggestions, and hope to see you soon in the clubhouse!
Gretchen Fjerstad- Clubhouse Manager

   We have numerous club events throughout the year where a valid handicap is required. However, we have found that many people are either not posting ALL their scores or are not adjusting them.
   We had 36 players for our Tuesday Nite League on April 29 and 7 people DID NOT post their score. Some post only their poor rounds while others seem to think that they shouldn't post bad scores. ALL ROUNDS should be posted and adjusted. If you have any questions, please contact Rick or myself.
   If you do not know how to adjust your score, see our members website for information.

   This summer we will be conducting a Junior Golf program held on select Monday mornings. The purpose of the program is to provide our junior members access to the golf course and to give them the information they need to be successful at the game of golf.
   Topics covered include: Basic Instruction, Rules and Etiquette. The Pro Shop staff will supervise all activities. Tee times will be available between 8:00 - 8:30 and the cost for the program is $20. The program is for junior members age 10 and older.
   Dates: June 9, June 16, July 7, July 21, August 4 and August 18. Additional details will be posted in the Pro Shop.

   I want to remind all of our members that you must receive permission from the proshop before starting on #10.

   Our annual Buick Scramble (previously called the Olds Scramble), which is sponsored by Dondelinger Chevrolet-Buick, is scheduled for Saturday, June 28 at 9:00 a.m.
   A sign-up sheet along with rules will be available in the proshop by late May.

   I would like to remind all of our junior members that they are not allowed at the course on either Wednesday mornings (Ladies Day) or Thursday afternoon (Men's Day). They may use the range or course after 6:00 pm on Thursday only if their parent accompanies them.
   Student members are reminded that they cannot play on Thursday afternoons.

   We invite you to join our Friday Night Couple's events. These events will start Friday, May 23 and continue each Friday throughout the summer. Tee-times will begin at 5:30 with a different 9-hole event each week. All players must have a handicap and pairings are made by the proshop.

$10.00 COUPONS
   We will again be giving each adult member five, $10.00-off green fee discount tickets. These tickets are good for the entire season on 18-hole rounds (excluding the summer twilight rates) and are available upon your request in the pro-shop.

Paul Grovum-PGA

   As I sit at my desk writing this newsletter, we are receiving our first Spring rain event in Bemidji. As many of you know, there is nothing like a warn rain in the Spring to do great things for our home lawns, Golf course, and gardens.
   The month of May will be a busy time for us as we work to take care of cultural practices. We will initiate aerification on tees, fairways and approaches with a goal of having the process complete by June 1. I have scheduled 2 greens topdressing dates this month. We are working to design the flowerbeds, and herbicide spraying will begin as soon as weeds begin to appear. As I mentioned in last months newsletter, we are off to a much better start in both turf conditions and weather this year. I am very optimistic that BTCC will be looking good and playing great in a very short time!!
Tom Johanns- Superintendent

   What would you do???    Your posing over a 100-yard gap wedge into the 18th green that carried no farther than 20 feet. You look down and see the fat chunk "chili dip" that you just executed turn into a crater 3 inches deep, with a roll of sod the size of Rhode Island excavated from the beautiful grounds of your beloved BTCC. Do You:
   #1 Make an immediate left turn, head directly to the parking lot and hope that the gallery on the deck can't see past the railing to recognize that it was YOU that turned a wedge into a scoop shovel. OR...
   #2 Realizing that you never had that spinning, bite-up and check wedge shot in your bag, reach down, return Rhode Island back to its home, tip your hat to the hooting gallery, take out your 8 iron, and hit a little bump and run shot into the green.
   "What's your point?" you might ask. Quite simple: When you turn a well-executed iron shot into a backhoe... Please! Replace your divot! The problem of not replacing divots has gotten out of hand! Our turf is such that a divot replaced in its original spot, or any spot for that matter, will grow back in just a couple of days. In only one week, any signs of a replaced divot are gone completely. We need everyone to get on this bandwagon. The quality of our fairways and par three tee boxes will only improve if we get in the habit of replacing the ripped up turf.
   Let's make these three commitments at BTCC for 2003:
   We replace all divots, we repair all ball marks and we keep pace with the group in front of us.
   Many questions and hearsay have been floating about concerning course renovations and/or changes. At this time, we are still studying and compiling information in order to develop a "Master Plan", a "footprint for the future" so to speak. I continue to tell you; this is a long-term exploration. It involves many individuals and ideas, and is still in the formulation stages. When and if we have a concrete plan with drawings, time lines and costs we will share them with the membership. Before then, anything you hear or suspect is pure scuttlebutt.
Bob Kobilka-Greens Chairman

   The Ladies League season has begun with openers for Monday night and Wednesday morning. Monday night ladies play is open to all BTCC ladies. We hope you will join us for a fun evening of play. Tee times are between 5:00 to 5:30.
   Wednesday morning league is still open to any ladies who would like to be included in the league. Contact Annette Theroux, 751-3373 if you are interested in joining the Wednesday morning league. Tee times are between 8:00 and 9:30.
   The BTCC Ladies League is looking forward to the annual Ladies Invitational. Mark your calendars for July 9th. The invitational is medal play starting with a 9:00 a.m. shotgun. Check-in will begin at 8:00 a.m. with rolls and coffee. The invitational will conclude with a fun and delicious luncheon and prize awards. It is necessary to pre-register by July 2nd. The cost is $35.00 for non-members and $25.00 for BTCC members. Registration should be sent to:
    BTCC Ladies League     c/o Rose Fagerstrom     2509 Beltrami Avenue NW     Bemidji, MN 56601     (218) 444-2949    Registration slips are available in the Ladies locker room. We are looking for a great turnout of BTCC ladies and guests from other golf courses.