Bemidji Town & CC - September 2002 Newsletter

   Three years have come and gone very fast. I have enjoyed working with the other board members on all the projects we have tackled. The pending projects include septic system /well upgrades and possible course and practice facility upgrades.
   With the current management staff in place, and revenues increasing, I feel our club is in the position to keep making improvements and expansions without putting a financial burden on the members.
   I would also like to thank the board members and our management team and staff for helping make Bemidji Town and Country Club the quality place that it is.
Steve Hill-President

   The golf season may be winding down, but there's plenty of great golf left. With the course in wonderful condition and with substantially less traffic, tee times are usually not a problem. However, I would strongly suggest that you call for times on the weekends in advance as we have some small outside groups scheduled. With cooperation from the weather we hope to have the course open through much of October.

   We are once again offering our Fall Membership. From September 3rd through the rest of the season an unlimited play membership can be purchased for $150.00 for a single or $200.00 for a family (no food assessment necessary). PLUS, the full amount can be applied to their 2003 dues if they become a member next year.

   We are in the process of purchasing a new piano for the clubhouse that will be used for special events. Steve Hill and Carl Baer have organized a fundraiser and are soliciting donations. This piano is being dedicated in memory of Roger Stubbins who started raising money for a piano last summer.
   If you are interested in contributing, please send checks to Bemidji Town & CC, Piano Fund.

   The Annual Stockholder's Meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 15th at 7:00. All stockholders will receive a proxy notice the end of this month.

   Being open for the winter months brought to light a problem that has been looming for quite some time. Our present septic system is well, well past its prime. The current system, to the best of anybody's recollection, is over 40 years old. Last season we had to have the system pumped numerous times, costing the club a needless expense. Part of our capital expenditures budgeted for this season was replacement of the old system. We budgeted $50,000 for this major project. After extensive study by qualified experts we now have a design that will satisfy our needs for years to come. We have hired Dick's Plumbing to replace our system starting in mid-Sept. It will take approximately 2 weeks to complete. The new system will be placed in the area of old #10 fairway, so there should be no major inconvenience to playing of the golf course. Please use caution in the construction zone.
   At the start of year, our committee was given the charge of developing a master plan for future revisions to our course and practice facilities. To date we have spent numerous hours with course designer Joel Goldstrand to come up with a vision of what our facility can be like in the distant future. We are taking this process at a slow and thoughtful pace, since it such an important issue. We currently have some ideas and plans presented to our committee by Joel, but they are far from the finished product. At this point, we have not completely and thoroughly reviewed the plans. Once our committee has all agreed to the plans, we will submit them to the Long Range Planning Committee. From there, the Long Range Committee will develop the action plan. There still remains a lot of ground work to do, so don't look for any changes for quite some time.

   Congratulations to the Tuesday Nite winning teams the month of August: John Baer-Steve Kroeger, Gary Vogel-Dave Vogel, Jim Renken-Fred Neff, Tim Hins-Don Campbell, Jerry Hemstad-Todd Lowth, Terry Jackson-Mitch Knutson and Steve Lalli-Ken Pankow.
   On Tuesday, August 27th all of the Tuesday Nite winners played in our Annual Tournament of Champions. The team of Bruce Simenson-Tom Burlingame captured top honors with a best-ball score of 61. In a tie for second were the teams of Dave Vogel-Gary Vogel, Jerry Hemstad-Todd Lowth and John Countryman-Jeff Keckeisen.
   Our Annual Shootout is scheduled for Tuesday, September 10. The Top Ten point earners from this season will compete for prizes. The players are: Jerry Hemstad (2002 Player of the Year), Bob Kobilka, Gary Vogel, Tim Hins, Jim Sutton, Kevin Krigbaum, Bruce Simenson, Brian Israelson, Tom Jenkins and John Countryman

   Our Annual Junior Club Tournament was held August 27, 28 and 29. Congratulations to division winners Alyssa Williamson, Max Chmielewski and Josh Curb. Below are the top 3 finishers in each division.
1 Alyssa Williamson 91-84-85 260
2 Tera Israelson 89-89-91 269
3 Amanda Johnson 101-91-103 295
Boys 12 - 14
1 Max Chmielewski 83-98-92 273
2 Justin Phillips 91-93-94 278
3 Mike Arnold 110-94-100 304
Boys 15- 16
1 Josh Curb 81-77-81 239
2 Adam Nygaard 81-89-82 252
3 Logan Howe 90-84-91 265
Paul Grovum

    We hope everyone had a good time being a member of Ladies' League this past season. Congratulations to the end of the year tournament winners. The Monday night winners were: Pam Johnson, Alyssa Konecne, Liz Neff, Peg Dow, Trish Quistgaard and Mary Rollheiser. The Wednesday winners were Mara Lee Mayer, Donna Harmon, Vera Robbins, Jeanette Halcrow, Terri Chimelewski, Myrna Freborg, Fran Anderson and Helen Spaulding. We would like your input on next year's league.
   The Monday night golfers have discussed using a pay weekly format instead of a summer long league. Tee times would be set aside each Monday night. The pro shop would make tee times and set up the game. Each golfer would pay to be in the game that night. This would allow for all women BTCC members to join in each week as they wished.
   If the Wednesday league would like to continue with the same format as now then someone will need to step forward and volunteer to help. We need board members if we are going to have a season long league.
   We would like everyone to complete the survey in the pro shop which will help assist in the set up of next year's league. There is a lot of good golfing weather left. I hope to see you all out on the course.
Pam Johnson, Chair

   We will be having our annual "End of the Year Clearance" on most pro-shop merchandise after Labor Day. A sample of some of the savings you will receive are:
All Ladies' Clothes 1/2 Price
All Men's Clothes 25% off
All bags, shoes and putters Sale prices

   Greetings from the Clubhouse
   With September upon us we can look forward to yet another busy month. Another Vandersluis has come and gone, and what a successful weekend we had in the clubhouse. Each weekend this month there will be a wedding reception. Even the weekdays are busy with luncheons and breakfast groups. Remember our new addition is open should the clubhouse itself be in use. Our goal this fall/winter is to make our new addition as fresh and inviting as the rest of the clubhouse. We want our members and guests to enjoy our new room.
   Just a few things to note. Our Halfway House and Cart hours will be changing with the fall weather. We will have one or the other available daily weather permitting.
   Our fall kitchen hours will go into effect on the 15th of September with the kitchen staying open until 9:00 p.m. each evening. We will post the hours to ensure that everyone is aware of the changes.
   Due to popular demand we have decided to continue to serve breakfast on the weekends until the 13th of October. If you have not had a chance to come out and enjoy breakfast with us please try to do so. I can promise you will be pleasantly pleased.
   I have enjoyed seeing our clubhouse being used by our members and guests on a regular basis. I really appreciate the reservations being called in ahead of time to ensure a table is set and ready when you arrive. As always I encourage, expect and appreciate suggestions.
   We promise to do our best!
   See you in the clubhouse.
Gretchen Fjerstad
Clubhouse Manager

   As we enter into the fall golf season, our Turf Management practices shift towards recovering from the summer stress and strengthen the turf to withstand the rigors of upcoming winter. Both of these objectives are accomplished through;
A) Aerification - creates an environment in which healthy turf grows.
B) Fertility - Providing the nutrients to the plants in which a percentage will be used for fall growth and recovery, the balance will be used as stored carbohydrates that will aid in building and sustaining nutrition within the plant for winter.
   Fall is also the time we aggressively attack weeds in our turf area. We will be spraying the primary rough areas in mid September, and spot spraying tees and fairways throughout the month.
   As many of you know, September usually provides us with great weather and conditions to play this beautiful golf course. Let's all get out and enjoy it!!

   We would like to decorate the walls of the new addition and locker room with old photos of our course and clubhouse. If any of you have old photos or newspaper articles please contact me about having them framed and placed on our walls.
Paul Grovum